My purpose for posts such as this is not to stir up dissension, but rather for knowledge and consideration. Despite what you’ve heard, there are many that aren’t buying the doomsday climate change narrative and state it is a “lie,” a “scam,” and is nothing more than a “gravy train to secure funds.”

This issue is important for Lyme/MSIDS patients because we’ve been told repeatedly that “climate change” affects tick and disease proliferation when research by an independent tick researcher has completely debunked this notion. I’m including links after the article for you to read for yourself.

There are only so many research dollars to be vied for.  For 40 years Lyme/MSIDS patients have languished with little research designed to help the sickest patients.  The last thing we need is more climate data that will not help one patient one iota.  

And many are unaware that that the commonly touted 97% of scientists agreeing on climate change is a completely manipulated figure because the government puts out about $2.5 billion a year for climate research, but only gives this money to scientists that product results that support the global warming hypothesis.  This exact same MO has been used in Lyme/MSIDS research as well, with a literal Cabal running the show.  You want the money, you better agree with the accepted narrative.  Lyme Cabalists own patents, are funded by the NIH and the military industrial complex, are affiliated with biosecurity and direct bio-level labs that work on dangerous tickborne diseases, but still create myopically out of touch public health guidelines and stymie research with their extreme bias.

The monstrous elephant in the room is the unethical climate engineering that is injecting harmful substances into the sky.

Spain just admitted it has recently been spraying deadly chemtrails as part of a secret UN program to fight COVID, and previously four state meteorological agency whistleblowers announced in 2015 that planes were regularly spraying lead dioxide, silver iodide, and diatomite throughout Spain to ward off rain and to allow temperatures to rise to create a summery climate for tourism as well as the agricultural sector – producing cold drops of great intensity.

Climate engineering is very real and is causing very real damage.

I assure you, Spain is not alone.

In fact, Kristen Meghan, a U.S. military chemtrails whistleblower has witnessed canisters of fine, powdered aluminum and barium being shipped to U.S. Air Force bases and being loaded onto jets.

Aluminum and barium are the metals that have been found (and continue to be found) in great excess in soil, rainwater, dust, and blood samples. These are the same metals associated with numerous patents which describe the mechanisms and processes of injecting aluminum and barium into jet engines for the purpose of spraying them into the atmosphere; a process called “geoengineering” by scientists. This also explains why the public witnessed the sudden appearance of trails coming from jet engines which never produced them previously.

Several whistleblowers have come forward exposing ongoing atmospheric spray operations, but Kristen has provided the link between the military and the massive amounts of toxic metals we are all experiencing on the ground.  Go here to watch an informative speech by Meghan.


John Stossel Destroys Climate Change Myths In New Video

Are We Doomed?

Scientists did show up to debunk some of the common myths being pushed by folks like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other extremists.

Stossel noted how over the years he’d covered so many scares that had turned out not to be what people claimed, that in fact, we’re living longer than ever.

Yet the alarmists like Greta Thunberg say “entire ecosystems are collapsing” and we are on the brink of “mass extinction.” Politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and former Vice President Joe Biden proclaim, “We have 12 years left.”

The scientists took on that myth. “Please, let’s have a discussion!” begged astrophysicist Willie Soon.

Pat Michaels, former president of the American Association of State Climatologists, dissected the 12 years/extinction claim:

“It’s warmed up around one degree Celsius since 1900, and life expectancy doubled, yet that temperature ticks up another half a degree and the entire system crashes? That’s the most absurd belief.”

And what happens when in all likelihood we’re all still here in pretty much the same condition in 12 years?

Climatology Professor David Legates predicted, “In twelve years, it’ll be 12 more years.”

Exactly. How long has this been going on? Since at least the 1970s when folks pushed the spurious claim we might be entering a new ice age.

Willie Soon said it was all about emotional handwaving.

But, as the scientists explained, we adapt and address conditions. That’s the human way.

Stossel asked the scientists, “You acknowledge though the water is rising?”

Legates agreed. “Yes, the water has been rising for approximately 20,000 years.” Alrighty, now.

The scientists also debunked “global warming is making storms worse” and that carbon dioxide is harmful, both of which they pointed out is wrong.
Another myth? The government can somehow save us.

“The Obama administration’s model projects that the amount of global warming that would be saved going to zero emissions tomorrow … would be 14 hundredths of a degree Celsius,” according to Michaels.

An insignificant difference for global warning. But a killer for the country. “You’ll surely have an impoverished dark country,” he said.

But, as Stossel observes, the other side doesn’t want to debate, they just want to impose their will, without question.

So why are politicians so eager to push all this on us? One word: control.

Read more at RedState

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Speaking of control, please read this important article how how the ‘climate change’ agenda is being used to make the public look the other way.

For more:

John explains, “The climate change range expansion model is what the authorities have been using to rationalize how they have done nothing for more than thirty years. It’s a huge cover-up scheme that goes back to the 1980’s. The grandiose scheme was a nefarious plot to let doctors off the hook from having to deal with this debilitating disease. I caught onto it very quickly. Most people have been victims of it ever since.”

“This climate change ‘theory’ is all part of a well-planned scheme. Even the ticks are smarter than the people who’ve concocted this thing,” he says.

“Climate change has nothing to do with tick movement. Blacklegged ticks are ecoadaptive, and tolerate wide temperature fluctuations. On hot summer days, these ticks descend into the cool, moist leaf litter and rehydrate. In winter, they descend into the leaf litter, and are comfortable under an insulating blanket of snow. Ticks have antifreeze-like compounds in their bodies, and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. For instance, at Kenora, Ontario, the air temperature peaks at 36°C and dips to –44°C, and blacklegged ticks survive successfully.

“Ticks are marvellous eco-adaptors. They will be the last species on the planet. Do you see how silly this theory of climate change is as a way to rationalize what’s happening. It’s all a red herring to divert your attention,” he explains.

And lastly, take a look at what this doomsday attitude is doing to our young people:

These young people believe that their parents “trashed the planet,” and that we are “all going to die in a few years.”  They call it “environmental racism.”

Please know that Thunberg, the 20 year old Swedish activist, like her actor father, has a knack for the theatrical and was recently caught in a staged “arrest” while trespassing on a private goal mine in Germany while 70 officers were injured by being pelted by protesters throwing incendiary devices. She also recently, but quietly deleted a 2018 tweet warning that climate change “will wipe out all of humanity”  unless fossil fuels were abolished by 2023.  Apparently she realized it’s 2023 and we are all still here.  Darling of the WEF, she also declared in 2020 that humanity had eight years to “completely divest from fossil fuels.” She garnered international fame for boycotting school on Fridays, protesting “climate change.”

According to this 2004 article by the Guardian, we shouldn’t even be alive and Britain should be ‘Siberian’ by now:

Thankfully, Thunberg’s proposed solutions are finally being recognized as “patently insane.”  Greta now has some compelling competition, has been called out for Woke hypocrisy during her trip to Davos, and doesn’t understand the complex issues involved.  It appears the Greta cult has “gone bust.”

Unfortunately, people are suffering and dying but not because of the climate.
How about we focus on those issues?
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