Local Arkansas woman, Alarie Bowerman, recently pulled more than 20 ticks off her three children after a girl scout trip.

“They had the classic symptoms, they had the bulls eye rash, they had the joint pain, they had fevers and had flu like symptoms, yet we were denied treatment for at least two of them and I don’t understand how this is legal,” said Bowerman.

Two of the girls have a positive test result for Lyme Disease taken at Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, but the clinic told Bowerman it was likely a false positive and referred her to the Arkansas Department of Health.

According to Dr. Naveen Patil, Director of the Infectious Disease Program, ADH,

“We don’t have Lyme Disease in Arkansas, we have the ticks that transmit Lyme Disease but we don’t have any recorded cases of Lyme Disease.” 

Bowerman also received a letter from the clinic stating doctors would no longer treat her children because she consistently questioned their medical advice and recommendations.

Can you blame her?

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