The following article accurately predicts the current war on “vaccine misinformation,” which CDC director Rochelle Walensky states is one of the biggest public health threats behind the “largest measles outbreak in the U.S. since 2019.” True to form, the WHO has chimed in calling measles an “imminent global threat,”despite the fact measles cases have not gone up dramatically compared to previous years.

Not only that, but the CDC has blatantly lied and cites no source by stating:

Measles should not be taken lightly. . . . One to three of every 1,000 children who contract measles die of respiratory and neurological complications.

According to Jeremy Hammond, this is quite easy to fact check by turning to the CDC’s medical textbook Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, otherwise known as “The Pink Book.” Here is what the CDC says about measles mortality in the chapter on the measles virus (emphasis added):

Before 1963, approximately 500,000 cases and 500 measles deaths were reported annually, with epidemic cycles every 2 to 3 years. However, the actual number of cases was estimated at 3 to 4 million annually.

Thus, during the pre-vaccine era, the case fatality rate (CFR) of measles was 0.1 percent, or one death per 1,000 reported cases. However, most measles infections were never reported. According to the CDC’s estimate, only 13 percent to 17 percent of cases were ever reported.  (Asymptomatic (zero symptoms) measles infection is common.)  Thus, the infection fatality rate (IFR) of measles, by the CDC’s own account, was between 0.0125 percent and 0.017 percent.

That’s not one to three deaths for every 1,000 children infected with measles; it’s one to two deaths for every 10,000 measles infections.

Two other papers also show it to be 1 per 10,000 cases.
Yet, the CDC refuses to correct the lie and mainstream media refuses to question the lie.

The current measles outbreak, BTW is a total of 77 children with only 1/3 of those needing hospitalization.  Not to diminish anyone’s suffering, but everything is considered an outbreak or ‘pandemic’ these days and is being used by nefarious globalists for money, control, to push “vaccines,” and for the global ID passport which will sync everyone digitally so those in power can control virtually every aspect of life on planet earth.

What Walensky declines to mention is that failure to update the measles vaccine has made it impossible to expect sustained protection.

This problem (among hundreds of others) has also been clearly seen with the COVID gene therapy injections as they too have failed to provide sustained protection, allowing for rampant “break through” infections, and negative efficacy.  Also, they are not sterilizing and weren’t even tested to determine if they protect against transmission (which they don’t).  When “absolute risk” is taken into account, the shots are less than 1% effective on a good day.  Many shenanigans have been used by “vaccine” manufacturers to fraudulently state COVID “vaccines” are effective.  Watch this brief video by a doctor on how not utilizing “absolute risk” is “one of the biggest ongoing scams in Western Medicine.”

Of course the article emphasizes that most of those contracting measles are “unvaccinated” or have received only one of the two recommended doses of the MMR vaccine, another excuse that’s been used in the time of COVID – it’s those nasty “anti-vaxxers” that are the problem. But in truth, recovery from measles confers lifelong naturally acquired immunity, as opposed to incomplete immunity conferred by “vaccines,” and it’s been shown that the “vaccinated” are shedding the virus to others.

It must be pointed out that IF the vaccine is truly comparable to lifelong immunity from recovered infection, then the unvaccinated would pose no threat to anyone but themselves, and conversely, if the vaccinated are at risk of acquiring disease from the unvaccinated then the vaccine is clearly ineffective.

The dirty little secret is that:

The vast majority of cases of measles, mumps, and other vaccine-preventable diseases in both past and recent outbreaks, typically between 77 and 95% have been vaccinated individuals, while a recent study of measles in China, where over 99% of the population are vaccinated by the same sort of strict government mandate being advocated here, nevertheless reported over 700 localized outbreaks in a single year, totaling almost 26,000 cases. ~ Dr. Richard Moskowitz

The article then gives Kaiser Family Foundation data showing that 35% of parents believe “vaccination” as a requirement for school should be up to parents.  Evidently they feel the very idea spells doom.

While the article barely mentions the fact that tens of thousands of children have fallen behind in vaccinations during the ‘pandemic,’ it fails to emphasize the severity of the ramifications of tyrannical lockdowns on this very subject.   It’s simply far easier to blame the free-exchange of ideas, now being branded as “misinformation.”

Read on…..

The Next Battle Will Be Over Measles Vaccine Failure. Here is Our Preemptive Strike of Facts, Rationality, and Kindness.

Failure to update the measles vaccine has made it impossible to expect sustained protection in many of the vaccinated. Evolution is real.

This article is designed to arm the public with the specific facts and citations they need for the impending restart of the war on facts and information that will be based on deaths reported to be due to measles. There is a slew of links to my pre-COVID articles at the end; each of those, also is a resource for those of you who will show up and educate the committees and legislators on the facts of measles vaccine failure. It will take a while, but read to the end. I offer a protocol to fight for. There’s a lecture by me on HPV Type Replacement and a quote and a video lecture from Dr. Wakefield. – JLW

Vaccines have stripped the human population of a valuable asset against measles virus infection-related immunity, and we’re going to see larger numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths – in populations that prior to the vaccine program were, well, immune. You need resources to be able to explain this reality. Here they are.

Just prior to COVID-19, the public health machinery was gearing up for another round of war against information as part of their eternal war against bodily autonomy and integrity. Their chosen battlefield was one upon which they had started the war: measles.

Why do I say they “started the war”? I don’t mean to imply that they willfully infected people at Disneyland in 2014. I mean, specifically, that alleged bioethicist Art Caplan had specifically openly declared war on people who rejected vaccines. The Boston Herald had also called sharing information about the risks of vaccines “a hanging offense”:

“These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.”

Rhetorical arguments based on something other than facts had started to emerge, too. For example, in 2019, a Dr. Vincent Iannelli had published a criticism of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s analysis of the deaths that had been occurring during a measles outbreak in Samoa. In his critique “Are Deadly New Rogue Strains of Mutating Measles Spreading Like Wildfire?”, Iannelli got a few critical facts wrong. For example, critiquing Kennedy’s analysis which reported (correctly) the number of measles cases that had been determined by PCR testing and sequencing to be vaccine-type cases, Iannelli wrote:

“There were no vaccine strain measles cases in California or anywhere else recently.”

The specific reference for the fact that Kennedy was correct, and that Iannelli was incorrect is available. In 2016, three years before Iannelli’s incorrect claim, Felicia Roy and colleagues reported in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology

“Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (R. J. McNall, unpublished data). In contrast, only 11 of 542 cases genotyped in the National Reference Center for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella in Germany were associated with the vaccine virus.”

Source:Roy F, Mendoza L, Hiebert J, McNall RJ, Bankamp B, Connolly S, Lüdde A, Friedrich N, Mankertz A, Rota PA, Severini A. Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR. J Clin Microbiol. 2017 Mar;55(3):735-743. doi: 10.1128/JCM.01879-16. Epub 2016 Nov 16. PMID: 27852670; PMCID: PMC5328441.

These scientists were from the National Microbiology Lab, Public Health Agency of Canada; Division of Viral Disease, CDC, USA, the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany; Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA, and the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The fact that Ianelli was incurious about where Mr. Kennedy got his exact numbers on vaccine-type cases of “measles” reveals either a bias or Ianelli was relying on unrevealed knowledge that measles-like rashes had been misdiagnosed as “measles”, and thus his statement could be considered correct even though the “cases” counted as “measles” in public health reporting, and he did not care to educate those who might read his article on the 360-degree view of situational information regarding measles in the US at the time.

His sleight-of-mind tactic is precisely the tactic used by the CDC to paint a different story than the actual clinical situation; the medical records of the patients read “measles”; the accounting is changed at a higher level so semantically, no cases of “measles” attributed to the vaccine-type virus are counted; instead, a new diagnostic category was erected “febrile rash illness”. Here’s Ianelli’s “nothing to see here folks article” – he was evidently unaware of the fact that “cases” reported as “measles” were ID’d as vaccine-related due by Roy et al., not by their attending physicians.

The vaccine industry would like the public to believe that the measles virus in the vaccine is not capable of producing measles disease. But in reality, the vaccine-type is capable of reproducing all of the clinical features of wild-type measles infection, and the virus is known to be present in the feces and urine of vaccinated infants. Jenkins et al., (1999):

“Surveillance and laboratory confirmation of measles will increase in importance as Australia implements enhanced measles control. We describe a 17-month-old child with fever and rash after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination. Detection of vaccine-strain measles virus in his urine by polymerase chain reaction confirmed the diagnosis of a vaccine reaction rather than wild-type measles. We propose that measles virus should be sought and identified as vaccine or wild-type virus when the relationship between vaccination and measles-like illness is uncertain.”

Source:Jenkin GA, Chibo D, Kelly HA, Lynch PA, Catton MG. What is the cause of a rash after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination? Med J Aust. 1999 Aug 16;171(4):194-5. doi: 10.5694/j.1326-5377.1999.tb123596.x. PMID: 10494235.

I know of cases of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis in parents who changed their infant’s diaper following MMR vaccination. The clinical course for one friend’s wife was devastating. Their child also developed severe autism following that vaccine; she is now a young adult, institutionalized.

Let’s also keep in mind worldwide, not all measles diagnoses are confirmed via nucleic acid testing.

Another flaw in Ianelli’s logic was to point to the fact that >95% of measles cases did not involve more recently evolved measles types. As a respiratory virus, measles has a seasonality, and newer types require more time than “now” to spread worldwide. In fact, multiple lineages of measles are circulating in the human population, just like in HPV and many other endemic viruses.

Also, in measles, as in all viruses, the most deadly types will die out with their victims. Take, for example, the distant evolutionary branch within measles genotype D4. First described as subgenotype D4.2, the virus can be neutralized by vaccine-induced monoclonal antibodies that target the neutralizing epitope (NE). In fact, subgenotype D4.2 has lost epitopes associated with half of the known vaccine-related antigenic sites.

The information wars started prior to COVID on this topic are important; the vaccine industry will blame the unvaccinated for the emergence of D4.2 and any other measles virus that escapes their limited vaccines. Luckily, the scientific literature already contains the truth. Read, for example, from Gil et al. (2018):

“After several years with a low incidence of measles cases, large outbreaks occurred in Europe between 2010 and 2012 after the introduction of the D4-Enfield lineage at the end of 2007, which replaced the previously circulating D4-Bucharest lineage viruses [1,2]. We have also observed this replacement in Spain, whereby all viruses from samples collected after 2008 belonged to the D4-Enfield lineage, whilst the older ones were of the D4-Bucharest lineage. The reasons for the successful spread of the D4-Enfield lineage MeV in Western Europe [2] are not well understood. The development of major measles outbreaks is related to the presence of susceptible population groups in which the virus can spread easily. However, vaccination coverage in Western Europe and Spain was already high before 2010–2012, when these large outbreaks occurred [3,4]. Among the factors that might have contributed to this widespread MeV dissemination could be the special features of the viruses themselves. Recently, MeV strains with non-standard length M-F NCR sequences, belonging to genotype D4, were discovered in USA in cases imported from Europe and India [12].”

Source: Gil H, Fernández-García A, Mosquera MM, Hübschen JM, Castellanos AM, de Ory F, Masa-Calles J, Echevarría JE. Measles virus genotype D4 strains with non-standard length M-F non-coding region circulated during the major outbreaks of 2011-2012 in Spain. PLoS One. 2018 Jul 16;13(7):e0199975. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0199975. PMID: 30011283; PMCID: PMC6047782.

Importantly, while online authors such as Ianelli bickered and while the US CDC misled the public away from appreciating the importance of the discrepancy between the clinical diagnoses and the public health counts, the real reason for deaths during the measles outbreak in Samoa included deaths following vaccination with contaminated vaccines; the MMR vaccine must be kept cold, and first-hand witnesses shared with the world the fact that the lack of adequate refrigeration of the vaccines, especially in remote villages, had resulted in the injection of untold thousands of people with vaccines containing fungal and bacterial colonies that occur in MMR vaccines that are not properly stored.

This fact, of course, was determined to be heretical. On the eve of COVID, Edwin Tamasese, the sole on-the-ground eyewitness in Samoa at the time who was smart enough to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and also brave enough and with sufficient resources to reach those at risk, was arrested for warning the public about the iatrogenic illness and death associated with unclean vaccines (See ABC News, Dec 6, 2019 “Samoa arrests anti-vaccine activist as it combats deadly measles outbreak”).

Tell Edwin his friend James Lyons-Weiler said hello and sends his kind regards (

The MMR Vaccine is, Like mRNA Vaccines, a Leaky Vaccine

Dr. Paul Alexander recently wrote:

IT’S the VACCINE, stupid!!! BQ.1.1 & BQ.1 (63%) now replaces BA.5 sub-variant (14%) as the new dominant clade; REMEMBER, IT’S the VACCINE & not the virus! once you keep using a non-neutralizing vaccine such as these COVID ineffective ones that do not stop infection, replication, or transmission, then they will place sub-optimal immune pressure on the antigen & select for infectious variants!”

COVID-19 has been a boon to the public that has been paying attention on topics that the vaccine industry might not otherwise care to see widely understood; we have seen type replacement, waning immunity, original antigenic sin, and, of course, vaccine escape. We’ve also seen disease enhancement. The difference has been, compared to measles, this progression from vaccine efficacy to vaccine futility and harm has been compressed to a timeframe in which much of the public could actually notice: they would be immune, they were told. Then, shortly thereafter, they learned they would have to be continuously boosted – a prospect which, as I predict, has been soundly rejected by humanity, thank goodness.

What much of the public does not yet know is that the short lifecycle of vaccine futility in COVID-19 is a recapitulation of the exact same processes that inexorably lead to vaccine failure that have been going on with measles over the last seventy years.

Early on, science had figured out that the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine failed to provide long-term immunity in around 20% of vaccine recipients. (See Pubmed Search: ‘measles’+”waning immunity”). The response of the vaccine industry was to propose higher vaccination coverage and boosters. The failure of boosting is now showing its face, too.

Lawrence Solomon reported in 2014 that herd immunity against measles is impossible, even with >95% coverage

“When measles failed to be eradicated, public health experts decided that a 70% or 75% vaccination rate would secure herd immunity. When that proved wrong, the magic number rose to 80%, 83%, 85%, and then it became 90%, according to a 2001 Health Services Research report. Later health experts commonly cited 95%.

But that too was insufficientmeasles outbreaks occur even when the vaccinated population exceeds 95%, leading some to say a 98% or 99% vaccination rate is needed to protect the remaining 1% or 2% of the herd.

But even that may fall short, since outbreaks occur in fully vaccinated populations.”  

Consider, for example, the conclusions of this study of measles virus antibody avidity from 2012:

“Measles and rubella induced high-avidity antibodies and mumps induced low-avidity antibodies after both vaccination and natural infection. Waning of both the concentration as well as the avidity of antibodies might contribute to measles and mumps infections in twice-MMR–vaccinated individuals.”

Source: Kontio, M. S. Jokinen, M. Paunio, H. Peltola, I. Davidkin, Waning Antibody Levels and Avidity: Implications for MMR Vaccine-Induced Protection, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 206, Issue 10, 15 November 2012, Pages 1542–1548,

Their paper, of course, was not the only warning sign. Gregory Poland, an ardent pro-vaccine researcher, published this table showing that prior years’ data showed an unacceptably high rate of “breakthrough” cases of measles.

The title of the paper, “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries: time to develop the next-generation measles vaccines?”, was misleading; measles never went anywhere and was, and is still, endemic to the human species. The “re-emergence” they were referencing is, of course, in reference to cases that occur regardless of vaccination status.

Another term for the “re-emergence” in a highly vaccinated population is “vaccine failure”.

Source: Poland GA, Jacobson RM. The re-emergence of measles in developed countries: time to develop the next-generation measles vaccines? Vaccine. 2012 Jan 5;30(2):103-4. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2011.11.085. PMID: 22196079; PMCID: PMC3905323.

(See link for article)



Weiler once again hits the nail on the head with this historically accurate article which proves that the same ploys have been used for decades by the same corrupt public health ‘agencies.’

Let’s pray the public is finally catching on.

The continued gas-lighting of people questioning the “vaccine” narrative must end.  A few examples:

Important excerpt:

Before I propose food-for-thought solutions, remember: all of the above shows that it’s now vaccine vs. virus, and the vaccine is not evolving, but the virus is. No, I do not support mRNA vaccines for measles – or anything elsegiven the destruction we have seen that has resulted from their use against SARS-CoV-2.

See link for Weiler’s thoughts on what is to be done about all of this. Highlights:

  • The attack on “vaccine” exemptions needs to end and states without exemptions need to put them in place.  Respect choice.  Further vaccine coverage will not further benefit public health.
  • “Vaccine” injury and death denialism must end. Period. This means by everyone.
  • “Vaccination” should not be seen as a panacea but merely a tool in the toolbox
  • The names of unvaccinated children should be protected.
  • If an unvaccinated child develops measles or mumps they should alert the school nurse so any immunocompromised can be protected.
  • Schools should be required to inform parents of exemption options to “vaccines” where they exist.
  • Hospitalists should prescribe two high doses of Vitamin A for all measles infection patients and people should consider stocking upon vitamin A and keeping it fresh (checking with your doctor to see if it is right for you).
  • If measles still remains a significant clinical concern then during an outbreak doctors should suggest that “vaccinated” adults be tested for measles memory T-cells and that if they do not have such T-cells to keep their vitamin A handy.
  • If after all of this measles still remains a significant clinical concern, the measles vaccine should be updated every two years, designed to address local strains, and used in a ring fashion to isolate the virus to a local population, always respecting freedom of choice.  Whole population vaccination has proven to fail.
  • Doctors should be encouraging their patients to tend to their overall health and if 20% of adult vaccinees are likely to develop clinical measles due to secondary vaccine failure, prophylactic treatment with vitamin A should be considered.

The effectiveness of vitamin A for measles is discussed in full within the article.

And let us never forget that ‘the powers that be’ do not want anyone to be educated on how to make the body a tough target for disease.  This too is branded as “misinformation” by corrupt public health agencies who have financial conflicts of interest with Big Pharma & mainstream media.

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