Chrstine Anderson MEP (German member of the EU Parliament) details how Youtube didn’t want the public to know what they uncovered in the EU special committee on the Corona pandemic so they simply deleted several videos.  Following legal intervention, Youtube caved and put censored videos back online.  She states:

“The impression here is that information that doesn’t fit the desired narrative should be suppressed.  I won’t stand for that.  If Youtube lets my deadline pass unused, I will file a lawsuit in court.” ~ Christine Anderson MEP for Germany


WHO to control Health content on YouTube & censor everything disputing Official Narrative so it can manipulate Public Opinion

The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) is now taking control of the content that is promoted on YouTube through a partnership with Google.  The aim of the partnership is to “address the spread of misinformation and disinformation.”

“WHO and partners recognise that misinformation online has the potential to travel further, faster and sometimes deeper than the truth – on some social media platforms, falsehoods are 70% more likely to get shared than accurate news. To counter this, WHO has taken a number of actions with tech companies to remain one step ahead,” WHO states on its website.

As has been proved throughout the Covid era, the propaganda machine of governments, public health bodies and international organisations such as WHO are inverting the truth.  It is they that are spreading misinformation and disinformation while at the same time censoring the truth.  Thus, it is not misinformation and falsehoods that WHO is attempting to counteract. Rather, WHO and its partners are attempting to suppress the truth while promoting a false narrative.  (See link for article)



Nothing to see here – just more collusion between public health, Big Pharma, and the media.

It’s all about controlling the algorithm, and nobody does that better than Google & Youtube who are now going to “certify” medical professionals as “reliable” and “authoritative” sources of information.  In other words, repeat the mantra of the accepted narrative and you will be deemed “reliable,” but if you dare to have an original thought of your own,  you will be labeled as a quack who is giving “misinformation”.

If you are a doctor desiring an “eligible” channel, you must show proof of your license and follow “best practices” and have a channel in “good standing” on Youtube.  It’s even worse in the UK: only NHS organizations will be eligible.

The algorithm will prioritize eligible channels first so viewers will have to scroll down quite a ways to find content that is not WHO approved – if you can find it at all.  Many channels and experts are simply disappearing.

Remember the Global Health Summit panel with top reps from FB, Google, WHO, TickTok, Science Magazine, and Women in Global Health?  This group truly believes they are the ones needed to sift through information and “flood-in accurate information” to drown out the “vast tsunami of these compelling lies,” and to decide what is best for public consumption.

Melissa Flemming – UN Undersecretary General for Global Communications exemplifies this best with her brag at a recent WEF event, “we own the science,” as she explains how the UN also “partners with Google” on topics like “climate change,” a hotly contested political ploy many science experts state is a lie, scam, and a “gravy train” to secure research funding.  But the WHO, UN, and elites at the Global Health Summit don’t care about the opinions of actual scientists any more than Twitter, who evidently knows more about Biology than the PhDs they are censoring.

Bought out medical groups like the AMA, APhA, & ASHP, owned by a powerful mob, are going after respected, credentialed, and highly published doctors who dare to disagree with the accepted narrative and who are actually caring for patients by offering safe, effective, and cheap COVID treatments that are being censored, maligned and banned by tyrants with an agendaAccording to mainstream medicine and corrupt public health agencies, doctors should just let their patients “get sicker,” or give them expensive, toxicineffective hospital treatment protocols that nurses have dubbed “death is near,” all because of the CARES Act which is paying hospitals to follow government edicts.

Some of these frustrated nurses have left the system and are offering patient advocacy services to break this unhealthy codependency between patients and the health care system.  And doctors are suing the government for suppressing effective COVID treatments and for interfering with their ability to treat patients, as well as suing medical boards for threatening doctors.

We desperately need to break the corrupt public health monopoly and have more independent community-based clinics and hospitals that do not receive funding from the corrupt government.  We also need more independent doctors.


WHO to Control Health Content on YouTube

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Nov. 5, 2022

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