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Dr. Zelenko has successfully treated more than 1,450 COVID-19 patients with a 99% success rate using a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, Zinc Sulfate and Azithromycin.  Since the article in the link was written more than a year ago, the number of people he has treated is undoubtedly much higher.  Also, please note the video within the link has been scrubbed from the internet.  The ‘powers that be’ do not want you to know about successful, cheap, effective treatments.  They want you to take their dangerous, lucrative jab that is linked to more adverse events and death than any other vaccine in history, but they profit from.

Dr. Zelenko also helped author a 52 page COVID “Vaccine” Death report.

The video in the top link has important information to know, including Dr. Zelenko’s COVID protocol that you can obtain over the counter.  No prescription is needed.  Protocols below were derived from the video.  Dr. Zelenko was diagnosed with one of the rarest and most fatal cancers three years ago. 

For the countless lives he’s saved, he was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.

For COVID prevention:

  • zinc 25 mg 1/day
  • vitamin C 1000 mg 1/day
  • D3 500 IU 1/day
  • Quercitin 500 mg 2/day

For COVID treatment:

  • zinc 50 mg 1/day for 7 days
  • vitamin C 1000 mg 1/day for 7 days
  • D3 5000 IU  1/day for 7 days
  • Quercetin 500 mg 2/day for 7 days

**Dr. Zelenko has developed and is selling a product with all the ingredients included for those who want it**


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Public health ‘authorities’, bought out scientists and science journals, mainstream and social media, medical groups and Big Pharma all have blood on their hands and should be held accountable for their “fake news” regarding HCQ, ivermectin, and vitamins  for treating COVID. These groups have rightly been called out for ‘fueling confusion and misinformation.”

You get the distinct impression they don’t want people to survive.

Similar to Lyme-land, real doctors are splitting away and forming their own alliances due to being hamstrung by regulators and hospitals literally killing people.

Current Government & Medical COVID policy = “get sicker,”and just take the jab already.

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