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Covid 19 vaccines and the misinterpretation of perceived side effects clarity on the safety of vaccines

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In the era of Covid 19 and mass vaccination programs, the anti-vaccination movement across the world is currently at an all-time high. Much of this anti-vaccination sentiment could be attributed to the alleged side effects that are perpetuated across social media from anti-vaccination groups. Fear mongering and misinformation being peddled by people with no scientific training to terrorise people into staying unvaccinated is not just causing people to remain susceptible to viral outbreaks, but could also be causing more side effects seen in the vaccination process. This brief review will offer data that may demonstrate that misinformation perpetuated by the anti-vaccination movement may be causing more deaths and side effects from any vaccine. A mini review of published literature has been conducted and found that mental stress clearly causes vasoconstriction and arterial constriction of the blood vessels. Therefore, if subjects are panicked, concerned, stressed or scared of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and become smaller in and around the time of receiving the vaccine. This biological mechanism (the constriction of veins, arteries and vessels under mental stress) is the most likely cause for where there has been blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, loss of smell and taste that may have been experienced shortly after vaccine administration. The extreme mental stress of the patient could most likely be attributed to the fear mongering and scare tactics used by various anti-vaccination groups. This paper does not aim to rule in or out every side effect seen, but it is highly likely that many apparent side effects seen shortly after a subject has received a vaccine could be the result of restricted or congested blood flow from blood vessel or arterial constriction caused by emotional distress or placebo based on fear around vaccines.



Just who is this Raymond D Palmer, the author of this atrocious study?  The reason this is important is because this bogus study is posted on the U.S. government’s official website.

According to this, Palmer has a dubious background.

His Linkedin profile offers some clues (It appears his profile has now been deleted):

So he’s a mRNA Alchemist (pseudoscience) who speaks Chinese, and his top interest is Pfizer’s Albert Bourla.

Education-wise, he jumps from web design, to real estate, to electrical engineering. Then a course in astronomy and astrophysics. (Palmer is very into astronomy. This is his space photography site and this is a Perth Now feature on his 2009 solo space photography exhibition). Suddenly in 2019 he starts taking online courses in epigenetics, biochemistry, genetic engineering and the like. He publishes his first paper in a cardiovascular medicine journal the same year that he starts studying epigenetics, with no prior training in any related field.   Source

Please go here for more on his NIAID and NIH connections, NDAs, Hong Kong investors, and more.
And here for more crazy, unearthed information.

Palmer cites a single WHO-led study in support of this claim that post-vaccination adverse events are not causally linked to the vaccines.1  They simply worked off the presumption that the shots are not the cause of post-“vaccination” events, which ignores an immense body of literature demonstrating causal links.  Source

Palmer therefore hypothesizes that it must be those nasty “anti-vaxxers”.

Seriously, nothing shocks me anymore. There is ZERO integrity in science any more.

I wonder if Palmer truly understands what he is implying? He has completely snuffed out the “safe and effective” mantra by stating that the safety of “vaccines” is dependent upon the recipient’s psychological condition. 

You want to know what stresses me out?  Digital Vax Certificates. Go here to find out why.

It’s curious Palmer didn’t bother to mention the following very real stressors happening in the real world that have caused untold damage:


Meanwhile, back in the real world …..

On the Sudden Death Pathophysiology of the Vaccine mRNA Molecule

A Summary (for the General Public) and Commentary Regarding the Case Report Published by Dr. Michael Mörz (pathologist)

Images in the Mörz article (See link) support the following hypothesis:

  • When the mRNA (that is embedded in the lipid nanoparticle of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine) is injected into the arm, the mRNA finds its way (via the blood stream) into distant cells—in this case endothelial cells that line the small blood vessels in the heart and brain. (The vaccine does not simply stay in the arm.)
  • Once in the endothelial cell(s), the mRNA instructs the ribosomes in the cell to manufacture spike protein.
  • The spike protein then migrates to the outer surface of the endothelial cell.
  • The immune system then recognizes the spike protein (or fragments thereof) as foreign and concludes that the endothelial cell has become infected.
  • Accordingly, the immune system sends lymphocytes and other inflammatory cells into the walls of the vessel to attack the presumed infected endothelial cell.
  • The vessel wall becomes inflamed (vasculitis) and, during this process, the endothelial cells become immunologically injured and may swell to varying degrees. Sometimes, abnormal intravascular coagulation (clotting within the vessel) may be triggered. In some instances spike protein may appear within the brain (or heart) tissue, where the spike protein may trigger an inflammatory reaction (encephalitis, myocarditis)

Originally Published on Notes from the Social Clinic, Nov 10, 2022

Brief summary by Dr. Rennebohm, author of the summary below: The Morz et al. study “documents the abundant presence of vaccinal spike protein in the capillaries of the brain and heart, and he shows how this is associated with vasculitis, necrotizing encephalitis, and myocarditis.”

(See link for article & in depth details)

________________  Video Here (Approx. 3 Min)

Canadian Doctor Reports on the Epidemic of Sudden Deaths

Doctor William Makis states an epidemic of sudden death taking effect in Canada overshadows dementia and heart disease to become Alberta’s top killer. Doctors who complied to a strict vaccine mandate to keep their jobs have had 3-5 shots and now 93 Canadian physicians (and counting) have succumbed to sudden death.

But it’s not just doctors who are dying suddenly.

Makis reports nurses, paramedics, police, firefighters, and teachers are also dying suddenly.  A second grade student just died.

Teachers are reaching out to Makis as they are seeing injuries and immune reactions, such as asthma, in children as well as the fact they aren’t able to concentrate in class.

Makis mentions the documentary “Died Suddenly,” which shows bizarre white, rubbery blood clots in the “vaccinated,” which can also been seen here and here.  He also mentions research that has been done where scientists have taken blood and exposed it to the spike protein, and the blood starts clumping almost immediately.  These proteins get built into the blood clots — amyloid proteins that make amyloid fibrils, which cause long clots that are very firm and rubbery. The body cannot degrade these clots, and doctors are finding that regular blood thinners don’t work.

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of these clot shots, please see The Spike Detox Guide put out by World Council for Health.
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