Latest MMWR analysis of bivalent booster is irredeemably flawed

Dangerous times for science.

There is only one right way to know who benefits from a bivalent booster, and that is a randomized trial. Take people over the age of 65, who have already gotten 3 doses of the parent vaccine, and randomize them in 3 arms to a 4th dose of Wuhan vaccine, a bivalent booster, and placebo vax, and measure severe disease and hospitalization.

Pfizer and Moderna can afford this study. It can be completed rapidly. The US FDA has a societal obligation to demand it, and yet that did not happen. This raises the question if regulators work for the public or instead plan their lucrative future consulting careers for Pfizer and wish to give them an easy market share. Remember that Scott Gottlieb former FDA commish, is now on their board of directors.

Over the last year White House officials continue to work closely with Pfizer to push bivalent boosters through based on mouse data. This has no precedent in modern regulatory history and constitutes a multi-billion dollar give-away to the company. Now the CDC seeks to perform a study to justify that action. Enter the latest MMWR study.  (See link for article)


Important excerpt:

“…the CDC is no longer a scientific agency, they are a arm of political propaganda and this study fits the bill.”

This corrupt agency must not receive one more dime from the taxpayers and it must have no more power to lead public health.
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