The U.S. Medical System is Collapsing after Mass Exodus of Doctors and Nurses

Nov. 14, 2022

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

I’m a practicing ER nurse of 25 years. The amount of blood clots, strokes, cardiac events like myocarditis/pericarditis, Bell’s Palsy, shingles, etc. that I’ve seen since the vaccine rollout is more than I’ve ever seen in the previous 23.5 years combined.

I don’t know how anyone can’t be frightened by what we are seeing. When I try to discuss this with my coworkers, they turn their heads and look downcast, but will rarely speak.

I think it’s because like me, they feel betrayed for following the narrative, but unlike me they won’t open their eyes and speak out (they’re afraid for their careers and also are scared to death that their bodies are ticking time bombs). It’s easier to ignore than to acknowledge. – Susan PaceMedscape

The fact that there is a crisis in the U.S. medical system is not in dispute, as even the corporate media has been covering this since 2021, as many hospital Emergency Rooms across the U.S. have either closed down completely, or reduced their hours, due to lack of staffing.

One of the most recent closings happened at Wellstar’s Atlanta Medical Center in Southwest Atlanta, a predominantly Black community. (Source.)

Earlier this month (November 2022) a group of medical organizations that include the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association warned President Biden that hospital emergency departments were reaching a “breaking point” as they deal with influxes of patients seeking beds that are not available.

report from commercial intelligence company Definitive Healthcare earlier this month stated that 334,000 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other clinicians left the workforce in 2021.

While statistics for 2022 are not available yet as the year has not yet finished, a survey conducted back in March this year revealed that one third of the nation’s nurses were planning on leaving their jobs in 2022. Source(See link for article)



Per usual, according to corrupt public health, a bought out media & mainstream medicine,  it’s #ABV (anything but the ‘vaccine’).

Although I consider Medscape a primary source of misinformation, they at least gave medical professionals a forum to discuss the dangers of the COVID shotsThis is hard to find.  These poor people are ignored at best and bullied and gas-lit at worst.  Senator Ron Johnson (WI) is one of the few politicians giving the “vaccine” injured a forum to speak as well as a forum for experts that disagree with the COVID narrative.

Important excerpts:

The medical system is collapsing, and there is no possible way to reform it or save it without dealing with the corruption in the system, starting with the criminal COVID-19 vaccines.

And there are no political or judicial solutions to this problem, as both the Democrats and the Republicans are pro-vaccine, as is the U.S. Supreme Court. Big Pharma owns them.

The only option left is to stop using the medical system. The system for the most part does not heal anyone anyway, as that is a terrible business model.

Please go here to listen to Dr. Suneel as he reveals that Woke medical schools now have modules on “climate change”and “equity,” but won’t touch important crucial topics for understanding health.

Many are unaware that doctors get financial kick-backs from industry – including when they give vaccines.

“Evidence based” medicine is completely corrupt and scientific fraud widespread, with science hijacked by an unholy alliance between industry, the government, medical journals, and University research facilities.

And “professional” medical groups are going after and attacking their own to keep the false narrative going.  This is why you can’t simply go to your local pharmacy for life-saving medications like ivermectin and HCQ anymore.  Corrupt medical groups knew they couldn’t just attack doctors, because many are willing to take the hit.  They had to make it impossible for you to even get a prescription filled with medications that are on the WHO list of “essential medicines” that have been proven to be safe, cheap, and effective.  Now patients have to involve the courts in order to save their loved ones.

It’s not shocking at all that many will leave this flawed, corrupt system and it is the logical conclusion to tyranny.

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