Please watch this brief 3 minute video on Denmark’s alarming excess mortality for every age cohort, and the fact they have stopped the COVID shots for those under age 50.  The U.S. is experiencing the same thing.  Why are they not stopping these clot shots here?

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Excess Deaths Higher Now Than During COVID ‘Pandemic’


Nov. 9, 2022

Jamie Jenkins former leader of Health Numbers at the Office For National Statistics in the UK. goes through the alarming excess deaths being seen which the mainstream media simply ignores.



Striking Correlation Between Autumn Vaccine Boosters and Excess Deaths in England as Total Non-Covid Excess Tops 23,000

The excess deaths crisis continues, with 1,232 excess deaths – 12.3% above the five-year average – registered in England and Wales in the week ending October 28th, according to the ONS. Of these, 804 were attributed to an underlying cause other than COVID-19, bringing the total excess non-Covid deaths since the wave began in April to 23,287.
I have previously noted what appeared to be a correlation of excess non-Covid deaths with the rollout of the spring vaccine booster in April and May. However, the high excess deaths – many of which are heart-related – continued throughout the summer and didn’t drop off as the booster campaign finished. This may be due to a delayed effect of vaccine injury, or other causes may be involved.
A current favored explanation, as set out in a recent report from the British Heart Foundation, is that lack of access to healthcare during the pandemic and NHS backlogs are primarily to blame. However, many medics and scientists suspect side-effects of the vaccines are playing an important role, particularly as this phenomenon is being seen across Europe and further afield, not just in the U.K.  (See link for article)

Why is The UK Suffering an Unaddressed 9/11-Like Excess Death Rate Every Two Weeks?

The numbers of deaths of various types, never attributed to the vaccine, or even to post-infection problems, tells us that something is horrifically wrong.

About 1/2 of the deaths are attributed to “COVID-19”, but given policy flaws and false positives, and reports of re-coding deaths, we can expect that the true attributable fraction is far less.

In mid-September, 2022, the non-COVID-19 attributed excess was called “puzzling” by The Guardian; mass causality disasters caused by vaccination are not “puzzling” when we know the mechanisms of harm caused by the adenovirus vaccines, and the mRNA vaccines themselves. Plus, we know about Pathogenic Priming. Further, how many of the COVID-19 deaths are due to ADE is not estimated.

We now have two years’ worth of data from in the post-vaccine era (PVE, data are from Statistica). The data hint at a seasonality pattern in excess deaths opposite to that of the typical winter respiratory disease deaths, which would imply a lag, but it’s too soon to tell.


The report goes on to educate us that COVID-19 ranks 12th in the cause of death, with the #1 cause of death being Alzheimer’s (attributable of course to aluminum exposure).

Here are some older ONS data (to May, 2022) showing the unvaccinated have the lowest per capita mortality rate in the UK compared to the other variously-vaccinated:

(See link for article and graphs)
Regarding Pathogenic Priming and ADE a new study confirms that reinfection with COVD increases risks of death, hospitalization, and sequelae in multiple organ systems.

COVID jabs cause pathogenic priming through ADE but mainstream medicine and media will never discuss this.  We also know the chosen treatment of Paxlovid causes COVID rebound – or reinfection, and is extremely dangerous.  This is similar to the fact that COVID and the shots – due to blood clotting, as well as masks cause hypoxia (low oxygen). COVID spreads through floors and walls, yet people are still masking up with oxygen depriving, bacteria laden masks which obviously don’t stop a virus or reduce transmission.  This will also never be revealed by mainstream medicine or media.


Government publishes horrific figures on COVID Vaccine Deaths: 1 in every 310 people died within 1.5 months of receiving the COVID Vaccine Booster


The dataset does not reveal how these figures compare to the unvaccinated, but another dataset published by the ONS on July 6th 2022, does.

The dataset, which can be downloaded here and accessed on the ONS website here, shows that between 1st January 2022 and 31st May 2022, the vaccinated population accounted for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths, and 91% of those deaths were among the triple/quadruple vaccinated.

(See link for article and graphs)

Sudden Canadian Doctor Deaths now at 90

Ninety Canadian doctors have died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout out of the dangerous and ineffective Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” according to the research of Dr. William Makis, MD, without ANY investigation by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).  The agency has ignored two letters of concern with research findings from Dr. William Makis and has turned around and stated that this doctor’s research is dangerous “disinformation.”

Medical associations are completely controlled by unelected officials in bed with Big Pharma who are using censorship and persecution tactics against any doctors who dissent. They also teach doctors to deceive patients.  These organizations need to be disbanded and rendered defunct.


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Nov. 10, 2022

GBN News: Mark Dolan Tonight

Remember Those Who wanted To Punish the Unvaxxed & Called Them ‘Racist’

“They’ve got blood on their hands. Never forgive. Never forget. And Never Again.” ~ Mark Dolan

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