CDC Director, Rachelle Walensky recently admitted that her organization kinda botched COVID and needs to have an overhaul or “reset,” due to mistakes.  She also was quoted by ABC stating, “CDC needs to better” serve our partners…..

These partners “donated” $317 million to the CDC for COVID in 2021 alone from private foundations like the Gates Foundation as well as pharmaceutical industry players who’ve made tens of billions off falsely labeled, dangerous, often times ineffective products.  The CDC is listed on the Dun and Bradstreet corporate directory.  “Donations” are funneled through the CDC Foundation – an independent nonprofit to avoid oversight. The CDC’s operating budget has averaged about $7.2 BILLION from our taxes per year since 2016. It’s budget was $10 billion in 2008 before Congressional investigations found that the agency wastes millions and spends lavishly.

The GAVI Alliance, Imperial College London, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Johns Hopkins University, Pfizer, and many, many more have all generously “donated” to the CDC and have also received grants from the Gates Foundation, perfectly demonstrating the incestuous relationships – all directing public health.

Walensky’s solution?  Rearrange some furniture and bring in some potted plants.
Oh – one other thing: they want more tax dollars.

According to Stand for Health Freedom, “The President’s FY2023 budget would increase the CDC’s budget from just under $9 billion dollars to $38.76 billion, a 356.9% increase relative to 2022.”

So, the CDC chronically lies, miserably fails to do its job, but gets a 357% increase in funding?

Anyone out there feeling me yet?

Can you understand now why I am diametrically opposed to Lyme Disease Organization’s (LDO) suggestion that we should “fund and support a directive for CDC to conduct a review of CDC webpages and the current continuing education modules?”

This isn’t just a “no”.  This is a “hell no”.

More money will not make the CDC honest.  Their long track record doesn’t lie.
The CDC is irredeemable and beyond all hope.

The CDC is so blatantly wrong on so many things it’s now needing to conduct damage control.  They are not apologizing, they are not coming clean, and they are not offering meaningful change – which it never does and which it simply is incapable of.

While Corrupt public health “prioritizes misinformation,” they are the worst spreaders of ‘misinformation.’ These organizations lie, repeatedly and never come clean.

Similarly to the UK’s former chancellor attempting to pass himself off as a harmless passenger on the sinking COVID Titanic, the CDC is attempting to downplay the fact that it drove public health policy regarding COVID into a brick wall.  It is directly behind the persecution of doctors by the AMA and other professional medical organizations, including the pharmacy organization which refuses to fill prescriptions for successful drugs for COVID other than the FDA “approved” drugs it has vested interests in, allowing thousands to needlessly die.  These organizations are coming after their own members for speaking anything but the accepted narrative. The organization is behind doctors pushing a “one size fits all” allopathic approach to medicine which will continue to fail again and again. It is also behind dangerous “vaccine” mandates which have killed and maimed untold numbers.

No.  The CDC did not make a few mistakes.  The organization, along with the NIH, FDA, and WHO are colossally corrupt with evil intent.

Recently, the Lancet Commission called for transformation of the WHO in a 58 page report which essentially states they simply need more money as well as it needs to create ambitious proposals to ignite a renaissance in multilateralism, integrating the global response to the risk of future pandemics with actions to address the climate crisis and reversals in sustainable development.

Again, the problem here isn’t about money and the climate.  It’s about honesty.

The Lancet Commission’s paper is chillingly straight out of the World Economic Forum’s handbook.  A few points:

  • multilateralism = globalism = unifying public health data systems to better control countries and people. This would supersede the Constitution and give people no local oversight or control making us all virtual prisoners under whatever maniacal tyrant is in control at the time
  • Bill Gates is the #1 funder of the WHO which also has an allegiance to Big Pharma, other industries, and China.  WHO Corruption runs deep.

While the Lancet Commission calls out the global failure of the “staggering death toll,” they omit the greatest reason for these deaths: censored, banned, and maligned early treatment that has been proven to work if given appropriately and in a timely manner.  The commission states, “We must face hard truths,” yet they refuse to do so. Despite the abysmal failure of the COVID gene therapy injections, that are linked to more adverse reactions and death than any other vaccine in the history of VAERS, they further state, a global vaccine-plus strategy needs to be established, combined with public health and financial measures to control infection…. The faster the world can act to vaccinate everybody….the better the prospects….”

This commission has learned nothing.

They make zero mention of the importance of simple but critical things that make people tougher targets for disease such as nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, at-home remedies, and a myriad of other important topics.

No amount of money can fix corruption and stupidity.

http://  Approx. 16 Min

Pandemic Failures

Sept. 16, 2022

Dr. John Campbell goes through the Lancet Commission’s report.

While I don’t pretend to have all the answers, here’s some ideas with merit:

These corrupt organizations are beyond hope and rehabilitation. 

Terminate the CDC, NIH, FDA, and the WHO for good & don’t give them another dime!

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