New U.S. FDA chief says he will prioritize fighting misinformation

FILE PHOTO: FDA Commissioner nominee Califf testifies at nomination hearing in Washington
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Misinformation about science is increasingly prevalent and a significant public health threat that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will focus on fighting, incoming Commissioner Robert Califf said on Thursday.

Califf, who was sworn in on Thursday, did not specify any particular misinformation the FDA should fight, but millions of Americans still refuse COVID-19 vaccines, with many conservative media outlets and Republicans in the U.S. Congress spreading doubt about their effectiveness.  (See link for article)



Unfortunately the ‘powers that be’ continue to use slight of hand tricks utilizing division to accomplish their goal of putting a needle in each and every arm come hell or high water.

Hopefully by now it is clear as day that these corrupt, powerful public health ‘authorities’ have severe conflicts of interest, direct ties to Big Pharma, and are now guilty of trying to stop free speechwhich is a bedrock of freedom, and crucial for true science.  People should also be free to disagree and make their own choices. Medical freedom is particularly precious as across the board, “one size fits all” medicine is fundamentally flawed due to not taking individual differences, medical history, and personally held beliefs into account.

The gigantic elephant in the room is these experimental, mandated injections (which aren’t vaccines), haven’t stopped transmission or infection. They have caused more adverse reactions and death than any other vaccine in the history of VAERS, and have not had any measurable impact on COVID mortalityIn short, they don’t work.

Califf, age 70, was FDA commissioner under Obama and has been severely criticized for his response to the opioid crisis.  He previously worked as a Big Pharma consultant and has millions in pharmaceutical investments.  Nine out of the last 10 FDA commissioners went on to work for Big Pharma or serve on a prescription drug company’s board of directors.  The FDA is broken, has mislead the public, is a captured agency, and has has lost ALL credibility.

This emphasis on fighting ‘misinformation’ is all a ruse for censorship upon anything the ‘powers that be’ deem a threat to their vested interests and has nothing whatsoever to do with health or science.  True science evolves, where debate and disagreement is encouraged as new information is continually being added to the picture.

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