In Major Shift, NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan

A spokesman for Dr. Fauci says he has been “entirely truthful,” but a new letter belatedly acknowledging the National Institutes of Health’s support for virus-enhancing research adds more heat to the ongoing debate over whether a lab leak could have sparked the pandemic.
Anthony Fauci director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on April 13 2021. U.S.nbsp
Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on April 13, 2021. U.S. Photograph by Leigh Vogel / UPI / Bloomberg / Getty Images.

Excerpts of article:

On Wednesday, the NIH sent a letter to members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that acknowledged two facts.

  1. EcoHealth Alliance, a New York City–based nonprofit that partners with far-flung laboratories to research and prevent the outbreak of emerging diseases, did indeed enhance a bat coronavirus to become potentially more infectious to humans, which the NIH letter described as an “unexpected result” of the research it funded that was carried out in partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
  2. EcoHealth Alliance violated the terms of its grant conditions stipulating that it had to report if its research increased the viral growth of a pathogen by tenfold.

“It’s just another chapter in a sad tale of inadequate oversight, disregard for risk, and insensitivity to the importance of transparency,” said Stanford microbiologist Dr. David Relman. “Given all of the sensitivity about this work, it’s difficult to understand why NIH and EcoHealth have still not explained a number of irregularities with the reporting on this grant.”

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The article points out the 900 pages obtained and subsequently published due to a FIOA lawsuit against the NIH which was still missing a document – the fifth and final progress report.

In Wednesday’s NIH letter, that missing progress report, which was dated August 2021 was finally included. That report described a “limited experiment,” as the NIH letter phrased it, in which laboratory mice infected with an altered virus became “sicker than those infected with” a naturally occurring one.

While career politicians continue to banter over definitions, people continue to get sick and even die, and a dangerous, unproven experimental gene therapy is being forced upon the populace – due to an intentional experiment that was released either intentionally or accidentally upon the public. Further, these same powerful people and organizations are censoring and banning treatments that would prevent a large portion of these deaths.  Their feet must be continually held to the fire.

Fauci’s spokesperson tries to weasel him out of it by stating the NIH funded experiments, “were not reasonably expected to increase transmissibility or virulence in humans.”

Oh, well now, that changes everything.  Not!

Wow.  I might expect this from a 10 year old, but not from the highest paid federal employee charged with protecting the entire nation’s (and in some sense – the world’s) public health.  This is yet another example that the nation’s health leader is either entirely deluded or evil.

The article further drives the nail into the coffin by reminding the reader of the findings of DRASTIC, a group of internet sleuths who released a leaked $14 million grant proposal that EcoHealth Alliance had submitted in 2018 to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  The grant included the partnership between EcoHealth and the Wuhan lab for purposely constructing SARS-related bat coronaviruses that would be inserted with “human-specific cleavage sites” to “evaluate growth potential” of pathogens.  What’s crucial here is the furin cleavage site that makes the virus more infectious by allowing it to easily enter human cells – exactly what allowed the COVID ‘pandemic’ to occur.  Without this laboratory contrived capability humans would not become infected.

Although DARPA rejected the grant proposal, the former executive vice president of the Asia Society who sits on the WHO’s advisory committee on human genome editing simply but effectually states the following:

“If I applied for funding to paint Central Park purple and was denied, but then a year later we woke up to find Central Park painted purple, I’d be a prime suspect,”Jamie Metzl

Bingo.  Couldn’t have said it better.

Lastly, Fauci’s been accused of funding Frankenstein research grafting aborted babies’ body parts to mice to grow hair and organs, as well as ‘cruel’ puppy experiments where the NIH shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive.

Mainstream media continually focuses on political party affiliation to divide the nation.  Don’t fall for it.  Right is right and wrong is wrong and truth is important.


Utterly disgusting’: Fauci caught up in ‘cruel’ experiments on puppies

Oct. 23, 2021

Sky News, Australia

Bipartisan legislators are calling on Dr Anthony Fauci for answers about “cruel” puppy experiments, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.  The Hill reports answers have been demanded from Dr Fauci over a grant sent from the National Institutes of Health to a lab in Tunisia where it is alleged dozens of beagles were infected with “disease-causing parasites to test an experimental drug on them”.

“This is stuff is sick,” Ms Panahi said.

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