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CDC Roasted After They Admit Botching COVID – Drs. McCullough & Bhattacharya With Laura Ingraham [VIDEO]

“Do not use your power to manipulate human behavior.”

Although many Americans are moving past the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to get back to normal, the Democrats are eagerly continuing to fight the coronavirus and its many variants. Throughout the pandemic, the Biden administration, Democrats, and top organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seemed to take a different stance with each new week. At first, there were lockdowns, mask mandates, and an enormous push to get citizens to take the COVID-19 drug. But now, years later, the coronavirus continues to spread. With the response from the government being lackluster and full of misinformation, on Wednesday, the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, admitted that the public health infrastructure was not up to the task of handling such a pandemic. This comes at the same time she called for a CDC overhaul. (See link for article)



Change solely for the purpose of change is an exercise in futility.

I will admit; however, that many hear the word “change” and immediately believe/hope it’s all going to be good.  I guess I’m far more skeptical that that, having been burned numerous times through “change.”

Politicians have long used change for their own nefarious ends, and the CDC is a highly political organization that has long forgotten its role as a public servant.  While we desperately do need an overhaul of public health, until the deep roots of corruption and conflicts of interest are dealt with, we are just putting lipstick on a pig. 

Reorganizing and shuffling will not fix the foundational problems.  And now, despite the widespread failures and blatant corruption, the HHS is asking for a bigger budget.  Its proposed 2023 budget is $1.7 TRILLION in mandatory spending and another $127.3 BILLION in discretionary spending.  Of those budgeted trillions, the CDC in 2023 will receive about 1% of the HHS budget, or $10.6 billion$2.3 billion more than its 2022 appropriation — and this includes “mandatory funding to establish a Vaccines for Adults program.”  Source

Nobody should understand the corruption better than those in Lymeland as we have been stuck in a never ending time-warp Forty years is a long time without any meaningful, productive change in foundational issues such as faulty testing, faulty research, faulty medical education, and faulty definitions that were created for vaccine purposes.  And using the word faulty is being kind.  What’s been done is fraudulent and thousands upon thousands continue to suffer due to this unresolved fraud.  Please see this article for more on how the CDC could use change to make things much, much worse than they already are.

SUMMARY of Lifezette article:

  • Walensky sent an email to 11,000 CDC employees stating that the agency’s performance did not reliably meet expectations and that she wants it to do better.  (Please keep in mind that the agency has a $12 BILLION budget).  The CDC hopes to have a full package of changes finalized, approved, and underway by early next year but the reorganization proposal must be approved by the DHS secretary.
  • She is proposing a new, public health action-oriented culture at the CDC that emphasizes “accountability, collaboration, communication, and timeliness.”  CDC leaders are ominously calling it a “reset.” 
  • Changes evidently include internal staffing moves and steps to speed up data releases.
    • Regarding staffing, Fox News’s Laura Ingrahm recommends firing everyone at the top including Walensky, herself.  Dr. James Weiler recommends giving the boot to Destafano, Boyle, and every other person involved in data cookery, and has offered to write Walensky’s resignation letter himself.  He states the CDC is a monument to fascism and needs to be dismantled due to conflicts of interest, gross incompetence, and fraud.
  • Funding should only come from Congress, and no special interest money should be allowed.
  • The CDC should give up ALL of their patents.
  • There needs to be complete data transparency.
    • To this end, Weiler rebuts Walensky’s desire to increasingly use preprint scientific reports, as it lowers the standard of the level of evidence to make regulatory decisions, as preprints are not peer-reviewed, neither are CDC studies in the MMWR.
    • Weiler also rebuts Walensky’s statement that CDC messaging isn’t clear. It’s completely clear, but entirely wrong. It needs to be independent of Big Pharma and it needs to actually reflect empirical reality.
    • Weiler dismantles Walensky’s desire to speed up outbreak responses, as this will only serve to allow less time for intractable problems.  He also takes issue with appointing the “new boss” Mary Wakefield (68), as she headed HRS during the Obama administration and is #2 admin at HHS, so she isn’t new at all.  Walensky is simply altering the organization by undoing changes made during the Trump admin.  He compares Walensky’s proposed “interagency coordinating committee” to an already existing committee which has done nothing but make sure the entire HHS gets the lies about autism straight.  In short, Weiler states the proposed changes are nothing more than bringing in new plants and moving furniture around.
  • No more “noble” lies or any lies.  The CDC needs to start telling the public the truth based on good science.
  • The CDC needs external oversight from Congress and the Senate.
  • The CDC and the FDA owe the American public a monthly data analysis on safety of the “vaccines” and should have had safety monitoring boards in place before the injection rollout.
  • Ingram also points out that the entire premise of “vaccine” mandates is that they stop transmission and infection of the virus, which the CDC now implicitly admits is false, yet nothing has changed and people are still being forced to take the shots despite the shots failing in every single category. Further, besides not preventing transmission or infection, they don’t prevent severe illness, hospitalization, or deaths and have been linked to more reports of adverse reactions and death than any other “vaccine” in the history of VAERS.
  • Dr. Harvey Risch states:

“The CDC’s announcement covers everything except the fundamental problem to which the director and the external reviewer are blind: industry subservience and epidemiologic incompetence.”


It’s not the public that needs more monitoring and oversight: it is the US regulatory agency of public health networkand the pharmaceutical companiesthat run them. In this paper, I provide a blueprint for a bona fide public health infrastructure based on independence of freedom from corporatism.

Personally, I do not trust the CDC at all.  Not even a little.  Those at the top (Walensky, Fauci, Collins et. al) have proven time and again they are not fit for public health.  They have been called out so many times by epidemiologists but nothing changes.

To wrap this up, here’s a perfect example of our public health ‘authorities’ lying. In this old video, Fauci states that “the best vaccination is to get infected yourself.”  He goes on to state that someone infected with the flu does NOT NEED the flu vaccine.

Fast forward a few decades and now people have to get an injection to keep their job, go to school, enter a hospital, participate in sports, attend events, travel, or get badly needed surgery.

My how things change when you own the patent on the “vaccine.”
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