CONFLICTED MUCH? – World Economic Forum ‘Anti-Corruption’ Champion Is Pfizer Director AND Reuters CEO.

Seems legit.

Jim Smith – whose concurrent roles as a Pfizer board member and Reuters CEO appear to pose a conflict of interest – serves as a board member of the World Economic Forum’s anti-corruption initiative.

Smith’s leading role with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Partnering Against Corruption Initiative follows controversy over his position at the pharmaceutical giant and mainstream media outlet, which frequently reports on Pfizer. Reuters has published tens of thousands of articles covering or mentioning Pfizer, though the articles never disclose Smith’s affiliation with either entity.

Smith serves on the board of the WEF’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative, dubbed the “leading business voice on anti-corruption and transparency.”

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Another perfect example of why we are in this very ugly place in history. 

People are allowed to have severe conflicts of interest and yet set international agendas.

Here we have a person, supposedly addressing corruption, who is lamenting public perception that institutions are not acting in the interest of the public.  He also just happens to be CEO of a large media outlet (Reuters) and also a board member in a “vaccine” manufacturing company as well as the extremely controversial WEF who essentially wants to take over the world.  Nice.

This person laments that public confidence has been corroded by “near-term priorities,” “payoffs propelled by election-cycle politics” and “quarterly results,” yet is guilty of partaking in all three as the WEF has shamelessly exploited COVID to advance its “Great Reset” to abolish private property ownership.

You can read more about the World Economic Forum at

Please also see this very informative video about Klaus Schwab, founder of WEF & evil mastermind of “The Great Reset.” And this article does a great job explaining WEF plans.

http://  Approx. 10 Min

0:00 – Who is Klaus Schwab?

0:46 – A quick refresher on the World Economic Forum

1:51 – Who can join the WEF?

3:05 – The WEF’s financial activities

4:18 – How Schwab is getting richer

5:38 – FTX insert 6:42 – Klaus’ controversial actions

9:41 – Some final thoughts


http://  Approx. 20 Min

This May Have Been the Greatest Crime in History

July 8, 2022

News host Tucker Carlson argues no one benefited more from the COVID pandemic than China.
  • 22 million Americans lost their jobs in the first two months of the lockdowns. Five million never went back to work.  National debt rose by nearly 10 trillion dollars, including our debt to China. Tech companies thrived while middle class America suffered.  It changed the balance of power in the world forever, putting China on top.
  • Drug overdoses, suicide, obesity, anxiety, alcoholism, illiteracy, crime, etc. skyrocketed. Marriages and birthrates dropped.
  • Health officials have lied so consistently about the true death counts from COVID, we will never probably know the truth.
  • Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance received millions in grants from Fauci & boasted about manipulating coronaviruses in a lab right before the outbreak.
  • Apparently, mainstream media is getting their marching orders from China. China pays American media a lot of money – tens of millions of dollars in advertising.  Instead of investigating where COVID originated, the NY Times COVID reporter decided to play the race card. The racist talking point became prevalent in March, 2020 – exactly when Chinese owned state media tweeted that terms like Wuhan & coronavirus were racist.  Before this, (Feb. 2020) American media continuously called it the Wuhan corona, or Chinese virus, etc., showing clearly they are bought out by China.
  • Our leaders appear to not care where COVID came from.
  • When a reporter asked Biden why he hasn’t asked China to be transparent on COVID origins, Biden just smiled and walked away.  Seriously
  • The same Wuhan lab is now working on Monkeypox.

Conflicts of interest have crept into every area of life:

The AMA, AphA, ASHP, in lock-step with the FDA, continues to promise to fight ‘misinformation’ – an overused & highly politicized term that simply means anything that defies the accepted narrative created by conflict-riddled public health ‘authorities’ that have patents on virtually every aspect of COVID.

If you are unaware, we are in a war for truth.

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