**UPDATE Dec. 2022**

The push for a medical monopoly is the “new norm,” and unless we stop it, we won’t have any health-care choices at all.  This is crucial for Lyme/MSIDS patients to understand as mainstream medicine already denies us appropriate testing, diagnosis, and treatment.  Often, alternative medicine is all some patients have access too – which very well could disappear quite soon.  The FDA has a long history of attacking anything that threats its bed-fellow, Big Pharma.  It censors free speech and targets companies that compete with their monopoly of “FDA-approved” drugs that fund the agency.

Please also read this excellent article ‘Parasitic’ Private Equity Consumes U.S. Healthcare System.  Similarly to how Big Pharma is buying up supplement companies to eliminate competition, private equity firms are gobbling up physician and dental practices, homecare, hospital agencies, urgent care facilities, emergency medical transportation, and many other services patients pay more for inferior care.

Independent doctors are often the only reason Lyme/MSIDS patients are diagnosed and treated appropriately.  These Lyme-literate doctors have been mercilessly attacked for simply treating patients that are gas-lit everywhere else.  Further, the monopolization of medicine has never been more clearly seen than in the time of COVID where hospitals have been incentivized to follow a faulty, fraudulent government narrative.  Financial incentives explain the over counting of COVID cases, hospitalizations, deaths, the use of the toxic, ineffective remdesivir, the use of ineffective ventilators, and “vaccine” mandates for healthcare workers. Hospitals have truly become modern-day killing fields, and nurses are warning about ‘brutal’ COVID treatment protocols, and that patients need an advocate to fight the “white coats” in the bought-out medical establishment.


The Urgent Need to Break the Public Health Monopoly

Public health initiatives in the United States are suffering from a crisis of trustRecent polls show that only a third of the public trusts insurance and pharmaceutical companies, while just 56 percent trust the government health agencies that are meant to regulate these industries. Another survey during the COVID-19 pandemic showed that only around half of Americans have a “great deal” of trust in the CDC, while a mere third have such trust in the Department of Health and Human Services.

This lack of trust is not merely temporary. Yes, our health agencies and companies have made mistakes and propagated falsehoods in the past two years. But their deep unpopularity is not merely the result of circumstance. Without alternatives, these institutions will always lack accountability, and therefore, trust. America is nothing without our unique history of popular sovereignty. We can no longer give public officials unilateral decision-making power over our public health response without competing voices, checks and balances.

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  • Public health ‘experts’ remain clueless as to why the the public distrusts them
  • “Vaccine hesitancy” is not only an issue in the black community whom the government has shamelessly experimented on, but is also due to government dishonesty and the fact some don’t want to be their guinea pigs
  • Americans watch on while public health ‘experts’ lie, misdirect, ignore evidence, and yield to professional pressure
  • Government monopoly on public health makes misconduct inevitable.  It can only be solved by introducing real competition and accountability – outside of the government
  • Courageous men and women signed the Great Barrington Declaration, which pointed out the flawed reasoning of the COVID response, and many lost their careers
  • Every single concern and recommendation the declaration listed has been vindicated
  • Former Indiana attorney general Curtis Hill convoked the citizen-led project America’s Grand Jury, to publicize the public health establishment’s legal and scientific malfeasance, which unfortunately has been branded a conservative political stunt, when everyone should desire truth and transparency
  • Before the next public health crisis, we need non-governmental alternatives to foil federal bureaucracies like the CDC
  • We need privately funded laboratory research and an alternative for peer-review and influence-free conclusions
  • We need government-free data-gathering and health recommendations
  • Experts need to be exposed when they are wrong – the core of the scientific method
  • Unless there is a new means of decision-making in public health, we are doomed to repeat 2020 over and over like a bad Groundhog Day

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