**UPDATE March, 2022**


This article by Politico tips the CDC’s hand by showing how they will monopolize health data in the future under the auspice of “public health.”  An internal memo asks agency employees “to drive the success of the Data Modernization Initiative’’ — a CDC plan to strengthen the health surveillance infrastructure it relies upon.  Key points of the initiative:

  • unify public health data systems at the state and federal levels
  • “help” states hire staff to work on data collection & analysis (using $3 BILLION CDC funds)
  • create a “Travelocity”-like system where a “cloud-based” framework would allow staff to quickly analyze data and understand what is happening in real-time

HHS Protect took over part of U.S. COVID data collection at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ which has since been taken over by the CDC.

It is clearly evident that the CDC wants to monopolize data.  Do we really want the CDC to have even MORE data, power, and authority when it has bungled nearly every single thing it has touched?

Sounds like a perfect prelude to global “vaccine” passports.


‘The CDC alone can’t fix this’: Walensky calls for overhaul of U.S. public health system

If the pandemic is to turn endemic — a situation top Biden health officials say they could more easily control — the U.S. needs to overhaul the nation’s public health workforce, she said.


What’s Behind The “Live with COVID” Message?

As fast as they can, they are trying to find a rug to sweep their fascism under. Many are pathetically seeking to retain legitimacy.

Infectious healthcare workers returning to work. Boris Johnson ends all COVID-19 restrictions. Israel ends all COVID-19 restrictions. CDC says we should learn to live with COVID and says five days’ isolation is “enough”. CDC will be re-visiting the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths – looking to determine how many who have died with COVID-19 actually died from COVID-19, not just died with COVID.

Why all of sudden?

After vaccine efficacy plummeted below the FDA required 50% efficacy – defined by FDA as a 50% reduction in the risk of “laboratory-confirmed” infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or a similar level of reduction in symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection, FDA did not revoke the EUAs.

Why not?

The data are in from all over showing negative efficacy. It started with Israel. Then the UK. Then Barnstable County. Then Gibraltar. Then Scotland.

And now, the US.

CDC has admitted that natural infection is superior to vaccination.

The so-called establishment has lost the public’s confidence – and thus, their 36-year con game on vaccine safety is coming to an end.

It’s not just COVID.

It’s the flu vaccine. It’s the MMR. It’s TDAP. It’s seizures. It’s autism. It’s ADHD.

It’s death.

But it’s also been 36 years of job loss. Parents of vaccine-injured children are left without any help from the government to care for their injured children – so one of the parents has to stay home. It’s also divorce – the stresses of vaccine injury & death – especially if one’s marriage-related relatives or even blood relatives won’t accept the vaccine as the cause of a child’s death or injury.

With COVID, the lockdowns were the last straw. Over 500,000 small businesses closed. Jobs were lost. Drug use skyrocketed, and deaths from drug overdose are not at an epidemic level.

That’s the legacy of the public health “prevention” agenda.

COVID-19 has brought the public health con game into the very bright light of widespread public pain, discomfort, and grief. Public awareness of vaccine risk – vaccine risk awareness (VRA). People’s eyes are wide open.

Step 1. Re-define COVID-19 as a disease instead of the outcome of a test.

Step 2. Require Sanger confirmation of the presence of the virus and its typology.

Step 3. Official endorsement of ambulatory care for those with COVID-19.

Step 4. Stop causes ADE via vaccination against extinct variants.

Step 5. Punishment for individuals and organizations who have maligned the character and careers of those who provided the early warning system of the public health-disaster related to COVID-19 and vaccinations in general.

Step 6. Dismantling of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which devolved into institutionalized denial of vaccine injury and death.

Step 7. Start a true, new Public Health initiative to identify and address factors causing death and illness in American citizens. I have published this as #PlanB. It decentralized public health and protects it from capture – and it includes shuttering the CDC and any other captured agency in the US government. Read about Plan B here.

Step 8. Adopt a mass mentality of enhancement of the immune system to shift away from a tendency toward autoimmunity toward a tendency toward robust innate immunity and an appropriate adaptive immune response.

Each of us has a responsibility to act, every day, without relenting, to both open minds and to enact reform in who has control over our medical options from which we have to choose.


In this eye-opening expose’, US politicians have been profiteering on the pandemic.  With insider information, they transacted around $290 million because they know the future.

This is a perfect example of why public health has failed us.

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