A high-quality Ixodes scapularis genome advances tick science


Ixodes spp. and related ticks transmit prevalent infections, although knowledge of their biology and development of anti-tick measures have been hindered by the lack of a high-quality genome. In the present study, we present the assembly of a 2.23-Gb Ixodes scapularis genome by sequencing two haplotypes within one individual, complemented by chromosome-level scaffolding and full-length RNA isoform sequencing, yielding a fully reannotated genome featuring thousands of new protein-coding genes and various RNA species. Analyses of the repetitive DNA identified transposable elements, whereas the examination of tick-associated bacterial sequences yielded an improved Rickettsia buchneri genome. We demonstrate how the Ixodes genome advances tick science by contributing to new annotations, gene models and epigenetic functions, expansion of gene families, development of in-depth proteome catalogs and deciphering of genetic variations in wild ticks. Overall, we report critical genetic resources and biological insights impacting our understanding of tick biology and future interventions against tick-transmitted infections.



I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this sudden concern about tick genomes is all due to the mad gold-rush on mRNA products that are the new popular trend every researcher vying for government grants is seeking today, including industry, governmental, and educational institution tick researchers. You see, by doing innocuous-seeming research on genomes. genetically altered organisms (GMOs), and “climate change,” – they can continue to get paid and keep their labs running like a well-oiled machines, despite the very real impact on the environmentincluding humans.  After all, researchers are smart people and clearly understand that if you study things like contaminants in vaccines, your lab gets shut down and your position gets terminated.  Doctors are told to “zip it” regarding vaccine injury or their licenses are suspended. You essentially get “Wakefielded,” and life as you know it changes forever.

Few people are willing to swallow that red pill.

It’s far easier to just give The Cabal what they want and refrain from making any waves.

This is why ZERO transmission studies regarding Lyme/MSIDS have been done in decades.  It’s why mainstream research will never admit in a million years that Lyme/MSIDS is persistent. They simply don’t want that Pandora’s box opened or even questioned.  Better to continue using nearly 40 year old research showing the potential of transmission but declaring it doesn’t exist due to some arbitrary cut-off made for a pre-determined outcome.

Our corrupt public health agencies have been declaring things for a long time.

Despite the absolute flop of the COVID mRNA genetherapy injections, the massive numbers of sudden deaths (SADS), heart issues, and other life-altering adverse reactions, the mRNA platform is being forced down our throats, like it or not, – despite experts warning, indeed shouting, that it is unstable, untested and unsafe.  It doesn’t even work well, but The Cabal simply changes definitions, manipulates thresholds, waives normal testing requirements, hides and recategorizes data, and then rubber stamps approval.

Hey, when you’re in charge, you can seemingly do whatever you want.

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