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“The mosquitoes being produced in this factory carry bacteria called Wolbachia that block them from transmitting dengue and other viruses, such as Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever, to humans. By releasing them to reproduce with wild mosquitoes, they spread the bacteria, reducing virus transmission and protecting millions of people from illnesses.”


Interestingly, these are the same viruses Ivermectin was shown to treat:

Please read this on Wolbachia, which may not be as safe as thought:


A box of 200 mosquitoes did the vaccinating in this malaria trial. That’s not a joke!

By Max Barnhart
Published:   Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 8:59pm

One Seattle morning, Carolina Reid sat in a room with nine other volunteers, each waiting to take part in a clinical trial for a new, experimental malaria vaccine.

Reid’s turn came. She put her arm over a cardboard box filled with 200 mosquitoes and covered with a mesh that keeps them in but still lets them bite. “Literally a Chinese food takeout container” is how she remembers it. A scientist then covered her arm with a black cloth, because mosquitoes like to bite at night.

Then the feeding frenzy began.

“My whole forearm swelled and blistered,” says Reid. “My family was laughing, asking like, ‘why are you subjecting yourself to this?'” And she didn’t just do it once. She did it five times. (See link for article)



  • The insects deliver live malaria-causing parasites genetically modified to not make people sick
  • The body creates antibodies against the weakened parasite
  • They used mosquitoes rather than a needle to save money
  • The small trial of 26 people showed efficacy for a few months (each gets paid $4,100 to participate)
  • The researchers believe this approach could result in a vaccine more effective than the current GSK RTS,S vaccine which has an efficacy of 30-40%.
    • RTS,S targets only one out of more than 5,000 proteins the parasite produces
  • Countries curb malaria by using netting, insecticidal sprays, anti-malarial drugs, and by releasing GM mosquitoes that supposedly can’t bite or lay eggs.
  • Others have attempted to make a vaccine from disarmed parasites using CRISPR, despite scientists warning that GM bugs could be weaponized, and that there are real risks with genetic manipulation.
  • To test this approach, participants had to get another round of bites but this time containing the real malaria parasite
    • out of 14 exposed to malaria 7 contracted it showing the vaccine was only 50% effective.  Our of the other 7, the protection only lasted a few months.
    • those that contracted it were given a drug to clear the infection
Similarly to COVID, cheap, effective treatments for malaria already exist but aren’t nearly as sexy or lucrative as GM bugs

USDA air dropping vaccines from helicopters across 13 states, using vaccine “bait” deemed HAZARDOUS if ingested

(Natural News) The USDA, like many federal agencies, is deeply invested in the business of extermination. For example, most people don’t realize that the USDA mass murders millions of birds every year through deliberate poisoning campaigns. Natural News has published the USDA’s list of bird extermination from 2009 (PDF), showing how the agency murdered over four million birds in 2009 alone.

That program is called “Bye Bye Blackbird,” and it’s just one of many mass extermination programs run by the USDA. Another program involves the USDA mass murdering foxes, coyotes, bears, mountain lions, bobcats and river otters. As Natural News reported in 2018:

According to the latest report, the federal program last year killed 357 gray wolves; 69,041 adult coyotes, plus an unknown number of coyote pups in 393 destroyed dens; 624,845 red-winged blackbirds; 552 black bears; 319 mountain lions; 1,001 bobcats; 675 river otters, including 587 killed “unintentionally”; 3,827 foxes, plus an unknown number of fox pups in 128 dens; and 23,646 beavers.

Also in 2018, the USDA was caught murdering hundreds of kittens in incineration ovens as part of a medical experimentation operation. As NaturalNews reported in 2018:

…[T]he USDA has been experimenting on kittens by feeding them parasite-riddled raw meat for two or three weeks so their feces can be collected. Then they are killed via incineration. And at the end of the “study,” Bishops says, the USDA admitted that the baby animals were healthy.

(See link for article)



  • Now the USDA is using a fleet of helicopters to drop rabies vaccines disguised as food flavored with fishmeal in the following 13 states:
    • Alabama
    • Maine
    • Pennsylvania
    • West Virginia
    • Virginia
    • Tennessee
  • This tasty morsel will also be eaten by many other wildlife animals – including pets
  • It doesn’t even bother to claim these vaccines are safe: see its Oral Rabies Vaccine and Bait Information page here.)
    • the Safety Data Sheet warns:  Potentially hazardous to health if any of the following should occur: Ingestion, parenteral inoculation, droplet or aerosol exposure of mucous membranes or if broken skin is exposed to infectious fluids or tissues.  That same warning sheet also says, “Localized skin lesions are possible” if exposed.

  • And of course, many of these “potentially hazardous” vaccines will wash into local waterways, which the safety sheet specifically warns against:  Do not allow undiluted product or large quantities of it to reach ground water, water course or sewage system.
  • Oh, and if you do find them, you are supposed to “Incinerate in EPA licensed Bio/Medical waste facility.”
But I’m sure “climate change” is to blame.
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