The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) vaccine advisory panel on Tuesday voted 19 to 2 to recommend new COVID-19 booster shots that include the Omicron variant this fall.

The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) did not issue guidance on whether additional data would be needed to recommend an updated composition of the primary-series vaccines authorized for emergency use in the U.S., or whether it would be appropriate to continue to use a primary-series vaccine as a booster.

It is the first time VRBPAC has suggested vaccine makers modify their vaccines to target a different variant, according to CNBC, which also reported the FDA will likely accept the committee’s recommendation.

If so, the FDA would be authorizing a vaccine change without requiring additional data showing a bivalent vaccine — containing both the original 2019 Wuhan variant and one of the Omicron variants — is safe and effective for those age groups that are already authorized to receive a booster dose.

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Even Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center and professor of pediatrics in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Dr. Hank Bernstein, professor of pediatrics at Zucker School of Medicine broke from the panel to vote against the initiative.

You know it’s bad when Offit finally puts his food down.  He’s as pro-vaccine as you can get.

Two other little flies in the ointment are that by the time a subsequent booster is approved, it will contain outdated strains, as well as the fact they admit there’s no established correlate of protection, and that while antibody data is important so are the T-cells, which they simply don’t understand yet and which are “difficult to study.”

But problems & unknowns be damned and full-steam ahead!

Dr. Nass brings up yet another sticky point: the fact they will likely keep the current version and add another — which might double the amount of mRNA.  Nobody seems to know.

Dr. Brian Hooker states this FDA action will:

“increase the harm to the U.S. public to unprecedented levels, as this action will further circumvent necessary clinical trials even beyond the slapdash testing of COVID-19 vaccines under Emergency Use Authorization.”

“This adds to a foundation of lies used to authorize the original COVID-19 vaccines without anywhere near proper testing.”

Dr. Dustin Bryce, with Interest of Justice, said the FDA, CDC WHO are:

“usurping Congress’ definition of a vaccine — which is any substance designed for the prevention of one or more disease.”

FDA actually classifies mRNA as gene therapy, which they say is to treat or cure an existing disease by modifying your genes.” “Gene therapies are still being studied and are experimental at this time.”

Bryce went on to state that gene therapy, unlike a vaccine, is so inherently unsafe the FDA requires 15 years of research to follow up on safety due to known risks of antibody-dependent enhancement, alteration of DNA and delayed adverse effects, such as cancer.

Bryce states we require due process, forbid the FDA from authorizing the proposed changes and demand that EUA is promptly revoked due to unreasonable risks in gene therapy products as evidenced by the large numbers of adverse events reports.  He also states COVID-19 vaccines fail to meet the requirements of EUA because not a single mRNA vaccine has been found to be effective for the prevention or treatment of an existing disease.

Some other sticky points:

“A thousand peer-reviewed studies question the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Doesn’t anyone see the safety signals? Is there anyone here who will stand up?” he asked. “Some of you know this, you need to stand up and you need to help us.”

Another important quote:

“We have shown correlations between vaccination and all-cause mortality. FDA says VAERS is under- and misreported. A FOIA disclosure reveals that CDC has not conducted safety signal analyses, which we have provided to FDA. Neurologic adverse events are finally being acknowledged [but there are] still no cancer studies.”

“A Stanford study in [the journal] Cell showed vaccine message and antigen persisting for at least eight weeks. Does spike accumulate? Is this why myocarditis rates after boosting match or best primary series rates for some ages?

“Does spike persistence contribute to immune suppression, imprinting and negative efficacy? What is the toxicity of multiple doses? How will sameness of the manufacturing process be defined? Are the guidelines talking about monovalents or bivalents?” ~ Dr. David Wiseman, research scientist with a background in pharmacy, pharmacology and experimental pathology



Well this way they won’t have to deny and/or ignore those who pick apart the science, because now there simply isn’t any to pick apart.

BTW: the mantra the ‘powers that be’ continue to regurgitate is that these injections keep you from a severe case of COVID.  Now, a another study decimates this notion.


A Perpetual Pandemic is On the Way Thanks to Planned New COVID-19 Vaccines and FDA’s Insanity

FDA will allow Moderna & Pfizer to update the variants targeted by their mRNA injections and require no new studies. What’s even more insane? Their “updates” will ensure a Perpetual Pandemic.


Did you know that in their insane new framework, US FDA will allow them to change variants w/no new science?

Also – the new vaccines will include mRNA encoding the original, extinct Wuhan-1 spike protein – ensuring a forever pandemic.

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