Widely-hyped mask study used to push mandates turns out to be a complete sham upon raw data release

12/06/2021 / By Ethan Huff
Widely-hyped mask study used to push mandates turns out to be a complete sham upon raw data release

Raw data from the infamous Bangladeshi mask mandate study has finally been released. And it shows that, contrary to what the mainstream media claimed all last year, wearing a mask does nothing to promote health or protect against disease.

It took them long enough, but the authors of the research finally came clean, revealing an absolute difference of 20 symptomatic cases over eight weeks between mask wearers and non-mask wearers.

Since the sample size of participants was around 340,000 people, a difference of 20 cases is basically zero. In essence, there is no difference in health outcomes between people who wear a mask and those that do not wear a mask.  (See link for article)



The lack of mask efficacy regarding COVID has been widely posted on this website. While corrupt public health ‘authorities’ distort research, want everyone muzzled up and isolated at home, that particular advice is contrary to everything known about immunology. Further, research shows continual mask wearing is harmful to human health.

Healthy people, including children, should mingle, act normally, and contract COVID or any other “virus” so the public can achieve herd immunityProtect the vulnerable, but go about your business.  Historically, this is how ‘pandemics’ end. 

Instead, real life Dr. Evil, is only offering fast-tracked, experimental mRNA jabs with a toxic spike protein that goes systemic in the human body and has never been used on humans before – that the NIH has a patent on.  Dr. Evil believes that public safety supersedes your individual rights/choices. He’s another pusher of the “for the greater good” mantra that doesn’t care if you are harmed in the process. This “one size fits all” approach to health care will doom many people.

Numerous experts state graphene is a key component in the COVID shots and work like nano-razors cutting the epithelial lining of the veins.  Data keeps pouring in that these injections, which aren’t vaccines, are highly dangerous and are “leaky” which means they don’t stop transmission or infection and actually drive mutations, which is exactly what is playing out in reality.  Day after day, sad cases cross my desk of fully “vaccinated” people, typically mask wearers, contracting COVID and dying.  This is due to pathogenic priming or antibody dependent enhancement – which has also been widely posted about on this website.  Experts are warning of sterility, fetal death, heart inflammation, myocarditis, blood clots, autoimmunity, prion disease including Parkinson’s, and unusual neurological events.

Further, Dr. Evil and his minions are censoring and denying life-saving COVID treatment to the sick.  Bought out medical groups are threatening doctors and pharmacies, and bought out hospitals have become modern-day “killing fields,” only offering the “Fauci death protocol.” Courts are having to get involved to force hospitals to give effective treatment.

Dr. Evil admitted the COVID PCR has a fatal flaw and that face masks are useless, but he too is just a minion following orders, so he has to recant statements to toe the line with the narrative he must continue to spew, even thought it defies all that is known about health.


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