August WLN Newsletter

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  • WLN needs volunteers. See link for details
  • Polly Murray, the woman who reported the unusual illness in her community which later was determined to be Lyme disease, passed away on July 16, 2019.
  • The new Lyme clinic in Northern WI is raising money and hopes to open soon
  • Bay Area Lyme Foundation has restarted their nationwide tick testing program.
  • Bipartisan Lyme bills are being considered in Wisconsin.
  • A reminder to consider participating in MyLymeData
  • A New source of financial aid for Lyme patients
  • Help spread education in WI by purchasing pretreated socks from WLN


For more:  

Tick-born Illness Center of Excellence: Interview with Andy Kogelnik, the doctor in charge of the new center.

Wisconsin Lyme bills:




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