Damning’ Ivermectin Tape Exposes Pressure by Big Pharma to Suppress Ivermectin, RFK, Jr.’s New Book Reveals

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” includes a revealing transcript — printed here — of a conversation with Dr. Andrew Hill, who admitted to caving to pressure to downplay the benefits of ivermectin as a COVID treatment.

Dr. Andrew Hill, author of a favorable analysis of ivermectin studies.

He had subsequently performed a “neck-wrenching” U-turn on the issue, claiming the studies comprised “low certainty” of value and that more trials were needed.

Lawrie was trying to persuade Hill to participate in and co-author an immediate review of all published ivermectin studies in the medical literature, to be conducted by the eminent Cochrane Network, which uses thousands of volunteers to make high-quality, independent treatment recommendations.

“It was an exciting opportunity,” Kennedy writes. “Under normal circumstances, Hill should have pounced on this chance to serve as lead author with some of the world’s most prestigious researchers. He was nevertheless noncommittal.

The article states that Lawrie spoke to Hill by Zoom and the call was recorded.

“Dr Lawrie asked Hill to explain his U-turn on ivermectin, which his own analysis found overwhelmingly effective. ‘How can you do this?’ she inquired politely. ‘You are causing irreparable harm.’ Hill explained that he was in a ‘tricky situation’ because his sponsors had put pressure on him. Hill is a University of Liverpool virologist who serves as an adviser to Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation. He told me his sponsor was Unitaid.

Unitaid is a quasi-governmental advocacy organization funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and several countries — France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Brazil, Spain, the Republic of Korea and Chile — to lobby governments to finance the purchase of medicines from pharmaceutical multinationals for distribution to the African poor.

“Its primary purpose seems to be protecting the patent and intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical companies — which, as we shall see, is the priority passion for Bill Gates — and to ensure their prompt and full payment. About 63 percent of its funding comes from a surtax on airline tickets.

“The BMGF holds a board seat and chairs Unitaid’s Executive Committee, and the BMGF has given Unitaid $150 million since 2005. Various Gates-funded surrogate and front organizations also contribute, as does the pharmaceutical industry.

“The BMGF and Gates personally own large stakes in many of the pharmaceutical companies that profit from this boondoggle. Gates also uses Unitaid to fund corrupt science by tame and compromised researchers like Hill that legitimizes his policy directives to the WHO.

“Unitaid gave $40 million to Andrew Hill’s employer, the University of Liverpool, four days before the publication of Hill’s study. Hill, a Ph.D., confessed that the sponsors were pressuring him to influence his conclusion. When Dr. Lawrie asked who was trying to influence him, Hill said, ‘I mean, I, I think I’m in a very sensitive position here …’”

Please take the time to read the article in the top link.  You won’t regret it.  It’s all right there.  Conflicts of interest and researchers cow-towing to ‘the powers that be.’ In this case everyone’s genuflecting to  Unitaid.
Best quote:
Yeah. Well, I don’t know how you sleep at night, honestly.” – Dr. Tess Lawrie

Life-Saving Medicine: By Demand Laws Needed NOW

Enough is enough. The answer is in your hands.


All around the world, disinformation articles are being written and read that claim that there is no evidence that Ivermectin saves lives, reduces hospitalization, or reduces symptoms of COVID-19. Such as this one. INFURIATING.

Every one of those articles is wrong. Every last one.

The clinical studies that do exist, and the consilience of the real-world data (RWD), show that early use of ivermectin reduces mortality by somewhere between 50 and 85%.

Patients are suing hospitals in multiple states to have judges decide whether a doctor should be ordered by the court to write a prescription for ivermectin.

In some cases, the family wins, and the patient recovers.

In some cases, the patient dies before a ruling.

This is moronic.

Look, we cannot use “Compassionate Use” laws due to the delay that the paperwork processing by FDA requires.

A legal analyst published their opinion on Montana’s “Right to Try” law. This was reviewed recently in the context of COVID-19. From The Billings Gazette:

In a recent newsletter from the Montana Medical Association obtained by the Montana State News Bureau, Justin Cole, a partner at Garlington, Lohn, & Robinson, PLLP, wrote “in short, the ‘Right to Try’ Act under either federal or state law does not compel a provider to prescribe any particular medication or therapy.”

Cole went on to write the act “does not create substantive rights for a patient to compel a provider to administer any given medication. Rather, it permits a provider to either prescribe or not prescribe, providing immunity for the provider, in either case, based on a narrow set of circumstances that must be met before the Right to Try Act applies.”

The act, Cole continued, “should not supplant a provider’s medical decision-making (whether to prescribe or not prescribe certain medications or therapies) within appropriate standards of care, based on the facts and circumstances presented to the clinician.”

The Montana Right to Try law requires a patient to have received a recommendation for a drug from their treating health care provider, among other requirements.”

Let’s say the analysis is correct. Since public health and the medical juggernaut has decided to misrepresent and ignore the science on the life-saving benefits of ivermectin, the people need to take matters into their own hands and pass bills into laws that in circumstances in which one of the outcomes of disease progression is death, patients (or patients families) can order a physician to write a script for any drug that the family has provided evidence that shows potential reduction in risk of death.

The On Demand laws should also have two additional steps:

  1. no medical board can prosecute any physician for providing a script under these circumstances
  2. doctors and hospitals are free from liability for adverse events or patient’s deaths if the patient invokes their On Demand rights

This has to happen in all states NOW. Consider sending this article to your State Congressional Representative and all of your contacts.

Science shows that ivermectin saves lives. The effect is stronger and more clear than that for remdesivir, and there is far, far more evidence that ivermectin is effective than for molnupiravir.

Skeptics can see the evidence on ivermectin here.

By Demand. Now. This life you save could be your own.  Video Here (Approx. 10 Min)

COVID-19 Patient-Survivors on the MATH+ Protocol Dr. Paul Marik Temporary Restraining Order Motion

November 9th, 2021

This video was produced as evidence in a legal case to obtain a temporary restraining order against Sentara Healthcare System. That is where Dr. Paul Marik, the most highly published Critical Care Intensivist in the world, is being prohibited from giving his critically ill ICU patients the medicines in the MATH+ Protocol he believes will save their lives—and for which mountains of scientific evidence exists. The video presents four brief synopses of the experiences of critically ill COVID-19 patients who survived after receiving components of the MATH+ Hospital Protocol in the ICU.

The son of one of the patients in the video had to file a court order compelling the hospital to provide his mother with ivermectin. Another patient was life-flighted to a MATH+ hospital in Houston after being denied the protocol at his local hospital. The story of a man—who was nearly placed on a ventilator but was given MATH+ components instead— is featured; as well as the story of a rapidly deteriorating COVID patient whose attending physician gave his patient ivermectin— and ultimately saved his life.

A Chicago area judge also recently saved a grandfather’s life by telling Edward’s Hospital to “step aside” and prescribe ivermectin.  The doctor stated:

“Every day after ivermectin, there was accelerated and stable improvement,” said Dr. Bain, who administered the drug in two previous court cases after hospitals refused. “Three times we’ve shown something,” he told me. “There’s a signal of benefit for ventilator patients.”

Despite our corrupt public health ‘authorities’ and the corrupt American Medical Association (AMA), the American Pharmacist Association (APhA) and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) threatening doctors and pharmacists, 12,700 doctors and scientists have signed the Rome Declaration and have endorsed ivermectin as a COVID treatment.  This important video explains how to stay out of the hospital.  In the first two minutes a doctor explains how how ivermectin is the key medicine that worked not only on her, but on 2,400 patients she has treated.

These two resources are super-important.

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