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Aug. 9, 2021

Indiana doctor lets ‘er rip, but of course is immediately censored and labeled as “misinformation” in the land of COVID madness

As expected, Youtube censored the video. Here is another source. This all took place at the Mount Vernon school board meeting.  Dr. Dan Stock runs a family practice and has treated COVID patients successfully.

Here also is a news story on the video.  A quick internet search shows the ‘powers that be’ are already busy spinning this by debunking his talk and continuing to push the accepted narrative.

Realizing the censorship was coming, I’ve highlighted his 7 min. talk below.  I’ve also embedded other articles and experts stating the exact same things. We’ve been told repeatedly to “Trust the Science,” but what science and from which scientists? There is global science on Lyme/MSIDS that is ignored completely by our corrupt public health ‘authorities,’ making it clear they have a biased agenda and can not be trusted.  The same is true about COVID.  These people own the patents on every detail surrounding COVID, and have severe conflicts of interest.

You must ask yourself, why would a doctor boldly stand up to the intense censorship and bullying?  Others that have done this have been fired from their jobs, maligned, and discredited.  What does he stand to gain but grief and heartache, but a clear conscience?

Video summary:

  1. COVID aerosol particles are smaller than any mask.  NIH has 3 studies showing this.  (A Chicago doctor is now under investigation for daring to suggest making masks optional in schools.)
  2. You can not make this virus go away.
  3. Vaccination changes nothing.
  4. Why are you doing things for COVID that we didn’t do for the common cold, influenza or other respiratory viruses?
  5. Why is there a breakout in the middle of summer when vitamin D levels are highest and there is a “vaccine” that is supposed to be “so effective”?
  6. Antibody mediated viral enhancement is a condition caused when vaccines don’t work, as was found in every coronavirus study done in animals. This causes the “vaccinated” to have a more severe case when exposed to the wild virus than if they had never been “vaccinated.”
  7. This explains why 75% of COVID positive symptom cases in Massachusetts were fully “vaccinated”.
  8. No “vaccine” ever stops infection.
  9. You can not stop the spread.  The things you are doing will not stop the spread. 
  10. You can not stop the virus with a vaccine because vaccines do not do the very thing you are wanting them to do.
  11. You will be chasing this for the rest of your lives until you realize the CDC & the State Board of Health are giving you very bad scientific guidance.
  12. There are effective treatments that work for COVID.  Active loading with vitamin D, ivermectin, zinc are all effective.
  13. If you are going to discriminate based upon “vaccine” status then you should also discriminate based upon vitamin D level, zinc taste-test response, and previous infections.
  14. People recovered from COVID get NO benefit from vaccination at all, and suffer 2-4 times the rate of side-effects if they are “vaccinated.”



The CDC doesn’t read the science and is known for ignoring science.  Regarding Lyme/MSIDS, they’ve never read or accepted any science but their own biased self serving science.  They deny anything else exists, and just repeat a self-serving mantra. The same is true for COVID. Video Here

Dr. Hodgkinson, pathologist, substantiating Dr. Stock’s statements

  1. Believe NOTHING you have been told.  It’s all been a “pack of lies, from start to finish – pure propaganda.”
  2. This is nothing more than a “bad seasonal flu”, with a slight increased risk for the elderly with comorbidities.
  3. This is a pandemic of fear intentionally driven by the “notorious PCR test,” and the viciously effective silencing of any counter narrative.
  4. The PCR test creates over 95% false positives in perfectly healthy people. These are NOT cases.
  5. You are being lied to.
  6. The brutal silencing of the truth is coming from the 3 sources you would normally rely upon to form your own independent judgement – politicians, the media, and physicians(I will also add Big Tech to this list as all of these sources are in collusion.)
  7. MD’s by their cowardly silence have decided to put income ahead of ethics.
  8. Fear has allowed bureaucrats to enforce ludicrous, totally arbitrary mandates which have no consensus in the medical literature.  NONE!
  9. I’m talking here about masks, social distancing, travel bans, and lockdowns.  They couldn’t work, haven’t worked, and will not work.  Read my lips:  “Nothing works,” except effective prophylaxis with vitamin D, and early treatment with Dr. McCullough’s protocol.
  10. This is politics playing medicine.
  11. I can tell you with categorical certainty as a pathologist, “death happens, life is risky, get used to it, just like you did with the past flu epidemics, and everyday when you drive your car.”
  12. Governments must get used to the fact that modern medicine is totally impotent at controlling the spread of respiratory viruses.  We must simply accommodate to them in ways we have done most effectively in past flu epidemics with liberal doses of the cheapest most effective medicine there is.  Common sense!
  13. Flip-flopFauci created COVID-19 when his ‘gain of function’ research escaped from the lab in Wuhan.
  14. You and your children should not be forced to put your lives on the line by getting vaxxed just to solve the problem he created.  That is government tyranny and indescribably offensive.
  15. So for God’s sake, don’t let them scare you into getting vaxxed.  Tell them to “stop the shot!”  Thank you.
France’s long-time vaccine policy chief states: COVID policy is “completely stupid” and “unethical.”
Another Pathologist: “We need to stop the insanity immediately.  This is over.  Game over.  This is no longer good science.”
Occupational therapist states “More people dying from the ‘vaccine’ than from COVID.”
Doctors for COVID Ethics state COVID jabs are “unnecessary, ineffective, and unsafe.”
Dr. James Lyons Weiler states there are “unsafe epitopes” within the shots.
Vaccine researcher admits they made a “big mistake,” and that the spike protein is a dangerous toxin that goes systemically in the body – including the brain.
Nobel prize winner states COVID shots drive variants, and they have been modified with an HIV envelope protein which impairs the immune system.
Vaccine specialist states mass vaccination drives viral immune escape and that countries implementing them will inevitably suffer a steep incline in severe COVID cases.
Doctor and past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons states a vaccine isn’t needed or warranted, that it doesn’t prevent transmission, that it isn’t a “vaccine,” that it forces your body to create the pathogen within your own body, and that ALL animals in previous mRNA studies DIED from ADE.
Pfizer whistleblower confirms COVID injection is a bioweapon.
Expert cardiologist warns COVID shots cause inflammation, blood clotting, could cause Mad Cow Disease.
Research shows risk of prion disease after COVID injections, including Parkinson’s.
Military study confirms heart inflammation linked to COVID shots.
Latest VAERS data show these injections have caused more death than the total number of deaths reported for the past 30 years.

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