Dr. Fauci Warns Of New COVID Variant

Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning about another COVID variant, the Mu variant, on the heels of the Delta variant surge in America.

While Americans continue to live with COVID-19, and the Delta variant which brought a second wave of the virus to many parts of the U.S., Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning about another variant, the Mu variant.

While Fauci says that U.S. health officials are taking the new variant “very seriously,” the new strain is nowhere near the dominant one.

Fauci described the Mu variant as having mutations that suggest “it would evade certain antibodies,” such as those in vaccines.

Fauci cited data from Israel showing that immunity from COVID-19 decreased after roughly eight months after receiving the initial vaccine.  (See link for article)



Hopefully it is clear to all now that there will be endless variants in this dystopian nightmare due to viral escape caused by leaky COVID shots which don’t stop transmission or infection. Mu is the 5th known variant – and there will be more to come, just like with the common cold and flu.

The article gives frightening details from Israel where everyone, including children, is required to receive continual boosters or their vaccine pass is not extended. Children under age three must prove their status with a faulty antigenic test.

Can you see the ongoing, never-ending madness, and boosters yet?

Rightly so, there was scuttle over booster shots, and earlier this week, two regulators with the FDA resigned out of frustration and anger over the Biden administration’s plan to roll out COVID-19 booster shots before officials had a chance to approve them.  The FDA committee voted 16-2 against authorizing a 3rd booster, but later took a second vote and passed a booster for those over age 65.

A quick glance at the chart above shows deaths after the COVID shot broken down by age. Please notice the alarmingly high numbers that have already died after the jab in the 65 and up age group. Continuing with these shots is akin to genocide. Please remember, whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork stating that tremendous pressure is being put on healthcare workers to NOT report adverse reactions, despite VAERS only capturing about 1% of actual events, so actual numbers are much, much higher.

Those believing with a religious fervor in vaccines have said their loved one who died after getting the jab would have suffered so much more without it.  The illogic is astounding.  Dead is dead.  It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Despite experts stating COVID “vaccines” ‘harm more people than they save,’ and an immunologist/virologist stating there is a 1000% increase in VAERS adverse events reports, the Biden administration is determined to jab a needle into every arm. CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky overruled the advisory committee’s recommendation to limit Pfizer’s booster shot for people 65 and older, and instead aligned with the FDA authorization of a 3rd dose for the broader population including healthcare workers, grocery store workers, teachers, and others whose jobs put them at “high risk” of infections, plus prison inmates and those in homeless shelters. Please note the extreme vulnerability of those last two groups.

The elephant in the room of course is the censoring, maligning, and banning effective medications that are saving lives and render a “vaccine” null and void. This is happening right here in the U.S. and the same people/organizations behind these genocidal injections are also behind this medical tyranny and have changed goal-posts and manipulated statistics to deceive the public.  Hospitals have become ‘modern day killing fields’, due to ineffective and dangerous COVID protocols, and patients have had to resort to suing hospitals to obtain appropriate medication. Lastly, doctors are being attacked for prescribing medication and pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions.

Sounds like Lyme-land.

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This is not the first time vaccines have been approved without appropriate safety studies:

  1. The approval happened years before completion of phase 3 trials.
  2. The injection was authorized for a variant that has faded from circulation.
  3. The current injection is known to be ineffective & “leaky” or will produce stronger variants.
  4. Injection efficacy versus the current Delta strain (and any yet to come) is inferior to safe, effective treatments.
  5. Pfizer unblinded their trial after a few months, eliminating the placebo arm, making the trial all but useless.
  6. FDA panelists have numerous financial and other conflicts of interest as well as the FDA receives industry funding. FDA Commissioner Hahn just accepted a job with the financiers of Moderna which violates the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) that requires open forums.
  7. The FDA is a rubber stamp for Big Pharma and the Biden Administration.
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