**UPDATE  Jan. 2022** Hospitals are still mistreating patients:

An unvaxxed COVID patient is being flown to Texas after being denied life-saving care in Minnesota. The hospital made a decision to turn off his life-support allegedly because he was unvaccinated. Texas doctors were shocked at his condition and one stated he was the most undernourished patient he had ever seen.  http://GiveSendGo.com/Anne The family is accepting prayers and donations.

Meanwhile, severely ill patients who are allowed ivermectin survive.

The following article needs to be read with an understanding that according to Medpage people are suing hospitals for the right to use ivermectin. While the article predictably focuses on the vaccination status of patients, it should be focusing on the fact that ivermectin saved the lives of seriously ill COVID patients. 

The Chicago internist who administered ivermectin to Nurije Fype (the woman in this story) testified at a court hearing that Fype was weaned off a ventilator & discharged after receiving small amounts of ivermectin for 20 consecutive days. True to form, the ‘authorities that be’ say she may have recovered on her own. The CDC reiterates its warning to doctors that ivermectin is not authorized or approved by the FDA for the prevention or treatment of COVID, but they are quite happy the FDA approved the Pfizer COVID jab:

  • despite no oversight or control group receiving a placebo
  • when absolute risk is taken into account the “approved” Pfizer shot has an efficacy of just .84%
  • the Pfizer clinical trail study design warning against proximity and potential transmission of side effects of the “vaccine”
  • JFK and Dr. Nass state the FDA appears to be purposely tricking citizens into giving up their right to refuse an experimental product due to the bizarre way it was approved
  • leaked Pfizer indemnification agreement issue gives Pfizer complete indemnity, gives the purchaser no way of canceling the contract, demands countries put up sovereign assets including bank reserves, military bases, embassy buildings and more as collateral, and admits that long-term effects & efficacy are not currently known and there may be adverse effects.
  • many are unaware the FDA never tests the very drugs/vaccines it approves and does no independent testing whatsoever. It relies solely on Big Pharma’s own tests on its own products!  Corruption is rife in this process.
Yet ivermectin, a drug on the WHO list of essential medicines that has been used for decades is now suddenly dangerous, yet has been proven again and again to work against COVID.  Think about that.

https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/hospitals-now-1-cause-of-death-medical-kidnapping-the-norm-as-patients-are-sacrificed-on-the-altar-of-covid/  13 Min Video Here (warning, bad language)

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Dr. Amandha Vollmer is a Naturopathic doctor based out of Canada, but provides education and and counseling for people outside of Canada as well, including the U.S. which I imagine is where most of her clients reside.

She published a video this week about the experiences of several of her clients being medically kidnapped in hospitals, and forced on to COVID protocols against their will, resulting in some of them dying.

Dr. Vollmer uses natural treatments to cure people, and is an expert on dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), having written a book about it. She also started a website last year called “The Big Virus Hoax.”

This is not the first time we are hearing about patients being murdered by COVID protocols, as this is now being reported all over the Internet while the Pharma-owned corporate media continues to promote the official COVID narrative that all these people are dying from COVID.

We can now safely conclude that hospitals and their financially incentivized COVID protocols are the #1 cause of deaths in the U.S.

This is not as big of a revelation as one may think, since the medical system itself admitted back in 2013 that hospital errors were the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., just after cancer and heart disease, long before COVID arrived.

Hospitals medically kidnapping people and holding them against their will is nothing new either. I believe I was the first one to use the term “medical kidnap” publicly back in 2013, and shortly after that started a whole website devoted to the topic in 2014: MedicalKidnap.com.

We covered mostly stories of children being medically kidnapped from parents against their will and being put into the foster care child trafficking network, but we also covered some stories about adult medical kidnapping as well, which is actually a larger problem, long before COVID ever arrived on the scene.

While pre-COVID about a half million children were put into the foster care system nationwide, about three times that number of adults were medically kidnapped, with 1.3 million, mostly seniors, forced into state-appointed guardianships representing $50 billion of their assets seized by the State.

So the medical hospital system has been a criminal enterprise in the U.S. for a long time, and things are much worse now due to COVID protocols that are literally murdering people.

A few weeks ago, on August 8, 2021, we published an article with family horror stories where members of their family were killed in hospitals via COVID protocols. See:

Standard COVID Protocol Treatments Still Killing Patients in Hospitals – When will the Murders Stop?

We asked people to share their stories in the comments. Here are a few of them.

A 69 year old family member became dehydrated while alone in a different state. He went to the hospital (first mistake) where they insisted he take a Covid test. He declined but they insisted. The test was “positive “. He asked for Ivermectin. They said it doesn’t work and gave him Remdesivir and antibiotics. He said he didn’t want to be put on a ventilator. Long story short he ended up on one and died. His family was not allowed in to see him until he was dying. They asked for high dose vitamin c to be given and were told it doesn’t work. These hospitals are murdering people in my opinion. This man was a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ which is our great hope.

Get your Hydroxy Chloriquine and Ivermectin from Frontline Doctors. Take vitamin C and D and Zinc. Exercise and eat right. Be prepared for eternity. Fight for freedom! – Michelle Miller

My brother-in-law just died. He went to the hospital. Covid pneumonia they said. If we could have kept him home and given him IV & oxygen,he would have had a better chance. He was only 49. – Melanie

A really close family friend – who had been vaccinated both doses of Pfizer, used masks and implemented social-distancing protocols even within his home religiously – passed away around a month ago. It all started with a sudden, unexpected decrease of oxygen saturation. He was immediately admitted to a hospital. After a day or so, he got slightly better. But since the COVID protocols had to be followed, they kept him there and continued ‘treatment’. Eventually, his oxygen saturation decreased once again to alarming levels, and he was put on ventilator. He never came back.

A strikingly similar incident happened with my uncle – who was also fully vaccinated. He, too, passed away around 2 weeks ago.

The worst thing is that many doctors are either completely ignorant of the consequences of their ‘treatment’, or they ignore such warnings and incidents and deem them as ‘rumors’ or ‘myth’. Of course, they’re ‘just following the [medical dictators]’. My dad and brother are doctors, yet are completely brainwashed with the ‘religion’ which CDC, WHO, etc. etc. propagate. – I.M.

I am sooo very sorry to hear about this experience. My brother’s life was taken from him in this COVID rabid environment, which has no respect for life. I don’t know if had COVID, but he went to the hospital in an ambulance because he couldn’t walk. He said he was having nerve damage. He also said he was congested. Although he was perfectly coherent and talking, he was only in the hospital for two hours and he was dead. They reamed a ventilator down his throat because they said his oxygen levels were in the 80s. When they reamed the ventilator down his throat he let out two curdling screams and he was dead. I have since found out that there are non-invasive ventilators that they could use, such as high flow nasal cannulas, and helmet ventilators. They are much more humane and non-invasive. People need to know about alternatives to these invasive ventilators. – makemba007

For an insider perspective from within the system, here is a whistleblower board certified occupational therapist from Hawaii explaining the same thing. This testimony was published on our network on August 11, 2021, and his video has now been viewed over 350,000 times on our video channels.



Previously I told the true story of a local man who called EMS with suspected COVID. They showed up in hazmat suits and refused to touch him – telling him to “get himself on the gurney.”  He was taken to a local hospital where they admitted they had nothing for him and then put him on Medflight to a Madison hospital where he was offered a ventilator. Thankfully, he was read up on the the fact of ventilators causing more harm than good with COVID and declined.  The doctor looked down at him and said, “You’ll be dead in 5 days.”

Thankfully the man survived and lived to tell the tale.

These stories are common and pervasive.  This politicization of medicine needs to stop.  The corruption of public health ‘authorities‘ and institutions needs to stop.  Thousands are needlessly dying due to improper or no treatment, and doctors are being tyrannically censored, sanctioned and fired from their jobs for simply stating what is working. These corrupt ‘authorities’ keep repeating the mantra that the injections which aren’t vaccines are the only answer despite data and history showing exactly the opposite.

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