Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Sues FDA for “Irrational” Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons ( filed a lawsuit against Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA for “irrational interference” by the FDA with timely access to hydroxychloroquine.

Never in history have we seen such a determined effort by the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry to downplay and lie about the use of a successful drug to treat a deadly disease.

Hydroxychloroquine is the first choice in a study of 6,000 doctors treating the coronavirus.  In the field and in independent testing hydroxychloroquine displayed amazing results in treating the COVID-19 virus.

But there was great pushback against hydroxychloroquine for two reasons. The first reason was because it was safe and very inexpensive. The second reason is because Donald Trump promoted its use. (See link for article)



Just today, the FDA just doesn’t care what works in the clinical setting and gives a big fat NO to HCQ:

The purpose of recent HCQ paper in the Lancet was to create uncertainty and skepticism in the drug’s ability to treat COVID-19 because the authors have financial ties to big Pharma.

They, along with authorities who also have financial conflicts, want to promote more expensive pharmaceutical options – including Remdesivir. HCQ has shown success in studies around the world, is cheap, has been used safely for decades, and has clinical benefit to certain patients early in the disease process:

Science has been hijacked as well:


The Lancet’s boss, Horton, said:

“Now we are not going to be able to, basically, if this continues, publish any more clinical research data, because the pharmaceutical companies are so financially powerful today and are able to use such methodologies, as to have us accept papers which are apparently methodologically perfect but which, in reality, manage to conclude what they want to conclude

Until the Bayh-Dole Act is repealed, our own government, which is entrusted with public health, is allowed to own patents competing with the private sector. They then are entrusted to set public policy including treatment guidelines despite this conflict of interest. This link shows that our own government, regarding COVID-19, violated the Sherman Act by taking U.S. tax dollars to China to do coronavirus research as well as violated the Clayton Act by entering into trade among states.

Here’s the successful HCQ studies the FDA must not be looking at:

Regarding effective COVID treatments, the CDC has stonewalled another one as well:

According to Kory, the FLCCCs MATH+ protocol has been delivered to the White House on four occasions, yet no interest has been shown. Worse, he says they continue to be stonewalled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Health. Why?

Isn’t saving lives, right now, and by any means possible, more important than pushing for a vaccine? If the MATH+ protocol works with near-100% effectiveness, a vaccine may not even be necessary. The MATH+ protocol gets its name from:

Intravenous MethylprednisoloneHigh-dose intravenous Ascorbic acid

Plus optional treatments Thiamine, zinc and vitamin D

Full dose low molecular weight Heparin

You quickly come to the conclusion that there are people who would rather see patients remain sick.
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