Biden has chosen May 11, 2023  as the “End” of the Public Health Emergency.  The problem? They’re Ending it, but they are not really ending it.  Similarly to the CDC rearranging furniture and bringing in potted plants (reorganizing and merging) instead of dealing with very real criticism such as discrimination, segregation, unethical behavior of government agencies, and loss of freedom, the government is set to make policy changes to signal a new chapter.

That’s right folks.  No admissions, no corrections, no apologies, just policy changes, and hand waving.

But the real clincher is that the FDA’s emergency use authorizations (EUA) for COVID-19 products – including tests and “vaccines” – and major Medicare telehealth “flexibilities” will remain intact – even after the emergency has ended. This blatant overreach will insure that the gene therapy injections and favored treatments, such as Paxlovid and Lagevrio, will continue.  Heaven forbid those cash cows end! 

Meanwhile, safe, cheap, and effective treatments are still maligned and banned.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra sent a letter to U.S. governors with the surprise announcement that perfectly demonstrates what this is all about:

“When this transition to traditional health care coverage occurs later this year, many Americans will continue to pay nothing out-of-pocket for the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) are a preventive health service for most private insurance plans and will be fully covered without a co-pay. Currently, COVID-19 vaccinations are covered under Medicare Part B without cost sharing, and this will continue. Medicaid will continue to cover all COVID-19 vaccinations without a co-pay or cost sharing through September 30, 2024, and will cover ACIP-recommended vaccines for most beneficiaries thereafter.”

Becerra did not bother to mention that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection, or that they potentially cause increased risk of COVID-19.  

Welcome to the era of The Eternal Non-Emergency Emergency.

Governments are working in lockstep with international agencies such as the WHO, the WEF, and the UN for the digitization of all things, the end of free speech, as well as the end-game of reducing the world population and making a WHO constitution which will supersede all member states constitutions.  Unelected officials are working tirelessly to override the Constitution of member states so they can declare perpetual pandemics, giving them overreaching power.

This insightful video with Bret Weinstein and Healther Heying (both PhDs in Biology) discuss public health tyrants in the U.S. and globally as the COVID narrative continues to crumble.  Please also read this article on how CDC director Walensky is calling for an overhaul of the U.S. public health, and while this is desperately needed, an overhaul on Walsky’s terms will only further cover up the inherent problems and merge national security with public health – a dangerous agenda that will only further destroy medical freedom.

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