The Fall of The CDC As Walensky Goes Down With The Ship

In the current administration, it appears that no amount of public face plants will get health officials quietly shuffled out of their positions. During the pandemic response, flawed as it was, the American people watched as a master manipulator with decades of experienced double talk, gaslighting families and bold faced lies to the public. Tony Fauci was a rare breed of operator with a pedigree to conceal inconvenient truths in realtime – and he did with masks, vaccines efficacy, safety and lockdowns. 

Then we have CDC director Rochelle Walensky. She is in many ways the antithesis of Fauci and his ilk. Although much of the public knows that a manipulative response is coming after she’s asked a question, her answers leave people within earshot frustrated and hopeless. Not because she’s an inept public health leader but because her effort to conceal truths has front facing childlike unpreparedness.

At one time in her career, Walensky may have been a sharp, hard-hitting professor at Harvard and hospital chief propelling her into the director position at the top public health agency in the US. Yet, akin to a Benjamin Button of health communication and public relations, Walensky seems to regress in tact, professionalism and trust as her tenure as CDC director goes forward in time. With Charles Manson-like eye contact, Walensky often says things she probably shouldn’t say out loud – or at the very least, seems not to know any better.  (See link for article)



  • Walensky et al., who all knew Pfizer never properly tested their gene therapy product for effectiveness or safety, went from saying COVID jabs were 95% effective to they don’t stop transmission or infection, after millions had already received them.
  • She face-planted completely off the PR wagon when she blamed ‘too much optimism’ for the reason ‘nobody’ thought the efficacy would wane or be potent against other variants.
  • When the ACIP recommended the gene therapy shots to pediatric ages, she gave the tone-deaf reason that it was the only way it could be covered in The Vaccines For Children (VFC) program, which is a U.S. government program to provide low-income families receiving government aid through Medicaid.
    • Some speculate that similarly to Brazil, this might be the path to require low-income families to have their children “vaccinated” to receive government aid benefits, such as food stamps.
    • The COVID-19 “vaccines” now add another 2-3 doses of vaccines to the 25 doses of other vaccines already on the CDC schedule that can be injected into babies and toddlers during their first 15 months of life.
    • The COVID shots were also added into the CDC schedule of immunizations for children 18-months-old to 18-years-old.
    • This also opens the door for local health departments and schools to add these shots to the CDC list of recommended vaccines as a requirement for school attendance.  This should trouble everyone.
    • Nobody seems to care that these gene therapy jabs DO NOT have FDA approval.  They remain under emergency use authorization (EUA) and are linked to more adverse reactions and death than ANY other vaccine in the history of VAERS, which only has a 1% capture rate.
  • Walensky had the gall to state that ‘misinformation’ was the reason people are losing faith in the childhood vaccination schedule, despite the fact overall safety testing is less than what the world just experienced with COVID shots.  This would almost be humorous if it wasn’t so serious.
  • When questioned over the known harm masks have caused children and adults, Walensky doubled down on the mantra that masks prevent transmission, despite a meta-analysis on 78 studies by Cochrane that determined masks probably make little to no difference in the outcome of influenza-like illnesses like COVID.The analysis also reported: Harms were rarely measured and poorly reported.”  Bingo!  Can we pleeeeeeeze move on from the mask nonsense?
    • Go here for a “must read” article on how despite the good scholarship of the mask review, Cochrane has become nothing more than a “political junk science rag.” Within the article is a rare interview with Tom Jefferson, one of the study authors, who doesn’t trust the media (gee I wonder why?).  Jefferson states: “Governments completely failed to do the right thing and demand better evidence.”  I highly recommend reading the transcript as Jefferson highlights the shenanigans within science journals that will do virtually anything nowadays to publish the “right answer,” i.e. accepted answer for the accepted narrative.
    • In this important video, Dr. Prasad reads a statement from CDC director Rochelle Walensky and then states the following:

      “She’s just making things up.  She’s good at making things up. She made up the fact that there’s credible data that we should mask kids between 2 and 5 even though UNICEF and the WHO said not to do that. She made that up.  She makes up lots of things, because she doesn’t actually use science to guide decision making, she just likes to make things up.” ~ Dr. Vinay Prasad  

  • While health “authorities” try and cover their backsides and excuse their incompetence and/or evil intent by stating they had to do something other than wait around for “the science,” a Cochrane study author states it best:

“…it’s a complete subversion of the ‘precautionary principle’ which states that you should do nothing unless you have reasonable evidence that benefits outweigh the harms.”  ~ Tom Jefferson, Cochrane epidemiologist

Finally, some common sense in a world gone mad.

Oops, I spoke too soon.

  • CDC now recommends people with heart disease get the gene therapy shot, which is notorious for causing heart disease.
  • Latest mRNA jab for RSV, a common childhood virus causing cold-like symptoms, wins expedited review, after MSM and ‘the powers that be’ perform identical line-dance moves over a supposed ‘tripledemic,’ that many blame on lockdowns that isolated people from common infections they normally develop antibodies to.

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