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Comparisons Between the Lyme disease and COVID Epidemics



Jerry Leonard discusses Lyme Disease, bioweapons, and the connections to eugenics. He also delves into the manifestations of these tactics in our current global psychological and biological warfare operation.

A root of the problem is lucrative “vaccine” development by our public health ‘authorities’ who own patents on the organisms, tests, vaccines, and treatments, and pull in millions from licensing deals and technologies.

Most frightening of all is the creation of a new NIH which will merge national security with health security modeled after DARPA.  (Hopefully you can see where this is going, if not, read this).

  • Universities are involved in an unholy alliance with Big Pharma, the government, and mainstream media as they receive royalties (disingenuously classified as “federal compensation” rather than “outside income”) when they market patented technologies, yet taxpayers continue paying universities for research.
  • Many NIH scientists routinely fail to disclose royalty payments – one of whom is Fauci, the highest paid federal employee.
  • Researchers in academia obtain money from the government.  Dr. Fauci, holds the keys to the coffer.  Hopefully by now it is evident to all that he is one of the most corrupt individuals on the planet and he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants – lie, cover up, deny, and hideHe is not only behind the COVID debacle, but the Lyme debacle as well. 

Until we demand transparency and for public health to be devoid of ties to Big Pharma, Big Tech, the media, and research institutions we will never get the truth.

COVID has brought much of this dirt into the light; however, it’s been going on for decades.  Lyme/MSIDS patients and the doctors who dare treat them have had to walk this pot-holed riddle path and deal with the censorship, denial, and bullying.

Patients have suffered unbelievable abuse by the medical profession and our government. Efforts have been made to no effect and the truth remains elusive, leaving us only to conclude our government has much to hide.

I also wrote an article back in 2020 on the playbook of public health ‘authorities.’  I followed this up with another article explaining how these ‘authorities’ blackball treatments that compete with their own lucrative treatments.

Unfortunately, many Lyme patients and advocacy groups continue to work with the very same corrupt individuals and organizations. That’s essentially asking the pot to call the kettle black.  It just isn’t gonna happen.  I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: the only forward progress made in Lymeland is by independent researchers who do not vie for government grants.

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Lyme/MSIDS is a politically incorrect disease and patients have everything stacked against them.

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