Approx. 9 Min. (2012)

Created by Jerry Leonard

(Sound is a bit soft. Make sure and turn it up)

All 4 videos:

Connecting the Dots: Lyme Disease and Biowarfare The medical, financial and historical context of the man-made Lyme disease epidemic Part 1:…

Tuskegee Experiment Update, Lyme Disease as “Tuskegee, Phase II Part 2:…

Connecting the Dots: Tuskegee Experimentation Continued Through National Security Infrastructure Part 3:…

How to Practice Medicine and Kill People Without a License: A Step-By-Step Description of the Process Part 4:… The CDC’s “Smoking Gun” Vaccine-Marketing Blueprint for Perpetuating Lyme Disease

Jerry Leonard is an industrial physicist for over 25 years in the micro-electronics, micro-optics industry.  He is the author of 3 books on unethical medical experimentation. He was a tick-borne disease victim who “recovered” under long-term antibiotics treatment  and who’s doctor was put out of business by the NC medical boards.  Leonard states that,

“long-term treatment is under full-scale assault by: “profit-oriented interests in a “3rd-party” strategy creating the appearance of a scientific consensus carried out through the national security infrastructure.” 


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