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Youtube censored the video on Plum Island, but I was able to find it here after the article.

In 1952, the Army Chemical Corps reactivated the now notorious Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which is located on a bird haven isle only a few miles from and adjacent to Lyme, Connecticut, on the same island which also houses Fort Terry, a biological warfare defense research facility.
During the Cold War, the combined center was used as a secret biological weapons program targeting livestock, which would allegedly feature strange genetically mutated creatures washing up on the shores of the US mainland, making Plum Island the controversial center of numerous well-founded conspiracy theories and books related to a biohazard warfare conspiracy.
On April the 7th, CBS News New York began reporting on a new and untreatable tick-borne virus that has been re-discovered in the various areas around Lyme, Connecticut. This relatively new virus, now labeled as the “Powassan tick-borne virus” is resistant to all known types of treatment. The disease can be fatal and is transmitted within minutes of the tick’s bite.
The causative factor in this particular case being that ticks are routinely used in genetic research due to their ability to spread disease.  According to Wikipedia, “Lab 257, a book written by Michael C. Carroll, has alleged a direct connection between Plum Island Animal Disease Center and the outbreaks of at least two other infectious diseases: West Nile virus in 1999, and the Dutch duck plague in 1967.”
Regarding the now newly ubiquitous “Lone Star Tick” there is a bit more to the story, from a website called Preventdisease.com, a research specialist and consumer advocate, had this to say:
Researcher and entomologist Jaime Lombard says the ticks have been in circulation for a few years however the latest crop released are becoming more potent.

“Scientists have been experimenting on ticks since the 1960s because of their ability to spread disease. Since then, genetically engineered ticks have become more potent and scientists can create human disease almost at will,” he stated.

There is also yet another tick-born disease, which has emerged in Kansas as well, called “The Heartland Virus.” This story from the Fort Scott Tribune:

The Heartland virus is also a relatively new tick-borne virus that is carried by the Lone Star tick. According to the CDC, there is also currently no vaccine or medication to treat or cure the Heartland virus.

But, more interesting might be the proximity of the Bourbon viruses’ initial hot zone, which is a knight-like move of only about 200 miles away, from Manhattan, Kansas.  The Heartland virus, originated 182 miles away from Manhattan Kansas, in an almost geometrically identical movement compared to the Bourbon Virus.

The new bio-engineer warfare center located in Manhattan, Kansas, lies very near the geographic center of the US.


Another chronological timeline of events complete with FOIA documents and studies:  https://galacticconnection.com/lyme-disease-mycoplasma-and-bioweapons-development-timeline/  Of particular interest is the Burgdorfer’s involvement with infecting the relapsing fever tick with Borrelia latychevi, a close relative to Lyme which would never show up on a test, at the NIH Rocky Mountains Lab, demonstrating they were working on infecting ticks with borrelia in bioweapons labs well before the 1975 Plum Island outbreak. A few years later Burgdorfer studied the artificial feeding of black-legged ticks for the transmission of disease agents, again showing they were infecting ticks with diseases to use in research experiments by those involved with bioweaponry. He also infected ticks with leptospirosis, another spirochete similar to Lyme that infects humans. 

In later research they state that these spirochetes persist in the body and when infected cows develop the “chronic form” it is associated with abortion, stillbirth, infertility, loss of milk production or premature birth in weak an infected calves. http://www.ivis.org/proceedings/navc/2005/LA/001.pdf?LA=1

This link https://sites.google.com/site/jerryleonard999/home/burgdorfer shows that a highly pathogenic “clone”of borrelia found in Ixodid ticks “dispersed rapidly and widely in the recent past” and caused an epidemic Lyme disease centered around a biowarfare lab. 

And another report states this pathogenic clone and its tick vector appear to have evolved independently. The author of the collected information, Jerry Leonard, states this gives the distinct impression that experimental borrelia organisms were artificially fed to Ixodid ticks in a biowarfare lab and then leaked out. 

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