The link above will lead you to an incredible article written by Microbiologist, Tom Grier.  There is even a pdf version with extra spacing that makes it easier to read.

In a nutshell, he shows that “virtually no funding in any country has been put into Borrelia pathology.”  He also states, “there are more than a dozen species of Borrelia that cause Lyme disease, many of which can penetrate any tissue, and add a couple Relapsing Fevers that tag along for the ride, and it becomes clear that the Lyme disease blood tests based on Borrelia burgdorferi detection that have been used for 30+ years have become pretty much useless.”

There you have it folks – straight from the horse’s mouth – with more to follow.

Grier’s story of how he met and began working with Duray can only be chalked up to Providence as at the time Grier, infected with Lyme himself, could barely walk or stay awake.  The rest would make for great nonfiction – but unfortunately, it’s ALL TRUE.  Let’s just say restraining orders are involved and other stuff you wouldn’t believe – but then again, most of you would because similar things have happened to you.

There are direct links showing:

*Mother-to-child transmission of Borrelia across the womb

*Burgdorferi and miyamotoi associated with amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s brains

*Borrelia found in Lewy Body Dementia

*Nematode worms found in Alzheimer’s brains

*Borrelia found in five deadly brain tumors (Glioblastoma multiforme)

*Borrelia Mayonii and Borrelia burgdorferi found in human testicle

Grier states that what this means is that some dementia patients, if caught early, may improve on antibiotics (similarly to Kris Kristofferson’s story), or even stop the progression of disease – but that treatment must be from a clinical diagnosis due to the poor testing.  It is also possible that lengthy and/or life-long therapy will be needed – and that adding an anti parasitic medicine might be the first step due to the research showing nematodes in the brain which harbor the Lyme spirochete.

On page four of Grier’s article he tells the story of Jack Gordon – a patient with Lewy-Body dementia.  His wife, Betty, a Lyme patient and advocate in Iowa, donated money to determine if Jack’s brain had borrelia in it.  It did.  Grier states this research is what helped them connect Lyme and Lewy-Body Dementia.

Similarly to the treatment stated above, if Lewy-Body Dementia patients can be found in the early stages, antibiotics could halt the formation of alpha-synuclein, and that the addition of an anti parasitic would be wise for the same reason stated above.

He goes on to discuss the research involving those with MS.  Grier feels that due to their research also discovering nematode involvement, the MS patient should be put on an anti parasite for nematodes, (making sure to kill all parasites in every growth stage including eggs) followed by antibiotics for Borrelia.  He states treatment would have to be aggressive to get past the Blood-Brain-Barrier, and prolonged to eradicate the Borrelia.

He also reports that while the work of veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Burgess DVM PhD in 1990 showed that dogs infected with LD were transmitting and infecting female dogs through sexual transmission, proof in humans is lacking.  Pathologist Alan McDonald found B. burgdorferi and B. mayonii in the testicle and brain of a man who had been treated nearly continuously on antibiotics for the last seven years of his life.  Grier states the case for sexual transmission is stronger than ever.

The take home:  Treat all Borrelia early and aggressively to prevent Borrelia in immune privileged sites like the testicles and brain, and that antibiotics may not be enough, so infected couples should use a condom.

***Grier gives the caution:  Do not self treat with anthelmintics as they can cause severe inflammatory reactions and fatal encephalitis.

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