Again, Lyme/MSIDS patients need to understand that when corrupt public health authorities and governmental agencies censor and ban what they consider ‘misinformation,’ patients will be negatively impacted as dissenting opinions will not be allowed.  This has happened for 40 years in Lymeland and now is being seen in COVID. The following information is an important lesson that is imperative to know or we will find ourselves without any help whatsoever from medicine.  As it is, we must find Lyme literate doctors (LLMDs) who defy the accepted narrative that Lyme is hard to catch, and easy to treat and that uses abysmal testing that misses nearly everyone, leaving thousands upon thousands to suffer in silence.  Please share this info widely so people are educated on what is happening.  Video Here (Approx 55 Min)


Del sits down for a one-on-one with the former W.H.O. consultant & research scientist, Tess Lawrie MD, PhD, who was a critical part of the Ivermectin trials over a year ago with overwhelmingly positive conclusions. See data and recorded personal zoom calls that reveal how a key review was attacked from within, keeping the safe, life-saving drug out of the hands of millions of dying Covid patients for more than a year.
This is a mind-blowing expose on how Ivermectin was covered up. There have been too many scenarios, just like this one, where a well-meaning doctor or scientist appears to be doing the right thing, trying to show the truth about the efficacy (or non-efficacy) of a drug, until suddenly, they start acting very strangely, they are no longer being ethical, and won’t admit why.  Money and coercion are typically at the root of these scenarios, and sadly, this is just one more case where – what do you know – as it turns out, The Gates Foundation seems to have been one of the major factors in this cover-up.  Source  (I highly recommend utilizing this sourcelink as there is a plethora of information within it including interviews and data.)
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