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https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2016/12/30/fake-science-when-is-medical-science-not-science/  December 30, 2016  James Lyons Weiler

We’ve all heard about “Fake News,” but Weiler makes a compelling case for Fake Science happening all around us.  Please read the article in full at the link above, but below is an abbreviated summary:

Bias #1. Piracy: Regulatory Capture of Agencies (Corporations send people to get positions within agencies – when issues concern the corporation, they conduct research in-house where they can control things)

Bias #2. The Block: Non-Objective Peer Review (Grant Application Stage) Weiler witnessed 1st hand a NIH reviewer accuse, without evidence, a competitor of making up data in their grant proposal. They can toss grant applications quite easily with no hard reasons or proof.

Bias #3. The Check: Non-Objective Peer Review (Submitted Manuscript Stage) Journals can be wholly owned by corporations.

Bias #4. Mob Censorship/Study Assassination: Retraction of Published Studies Unfavorable to Corporate Agenda

Bias #5. Flawed Meta-analyses, Inflated Presumption of Statistical Power
“Once the scientific literature has been sanitized of any studies that could show harm for a corporation’s product, someone is funded (usually by the corporation with financial interest) to conduct a special type of study called a meta-analysis. In a meta-analysis, a supposedly unbiased sample of available studies are pulled together, and their statistical analyses and results condensed into one, large conclusion.”

Bias #6. Flawed Medical Education and Kick-Backs….“medical professionals learn that even though it is illegal for individual medical doctors to receive kickbacks to incentivize specific medical options, their practices can be given significant kick-backs (monetary incentives) or selecting the medical options being promoted by very wealthy corporations…. I point out in “Cures vs. Profits”, that the profit motive thereby has a dramatically homogenizing effect on medicine….This homogenization effect restricts the freedom of choice to the health care consumer, whose options are pre-selected by what the law has referred to as ‘learned intermediaries’ led by industry cheerleaders called ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ who spin the positive and further minimize the negative consequences of a drug or medical procedure they are peddling. [See See Carl Elliott’s “The Secret Lives of Big Pharma’s ‘Thought Leaders”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2010].”

Bias #7. Failure of Duty to Warn, Neglect of Rights to Informed Consent: Weiler claims pediatric patients get 7 minutes with a doctor, and the doctor gets $400 for every fully vaccinated child. “In 2016, the AAP encouraged its members to refuse medical care to children whose parents ask too many questions – the threat of which by any definition is ‘coercion’.”

****”Which explains why the 21st Century Cures Act has made is possible for those conducting medical experiments to enroll any American citizen in a clinical trial – without their consent – as long as those conducting the trial can convince their IRB the risk is minimal. According to the interpretive summary, ‘(Sec. 2263) Clinical testing of medical devices or drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk and includes safeguards.’”

Bias #8. News Media Blackout: Blackout on Ebola when White House asked the AP to stop reporting on it. It took De Niro’s pulling “VAXXED” from a film festival for the media to report on vaccines even though it was produced by a reputable producer, had two celebrity doctors who did a 180 on their stance on vaccines as well as a vaccine whistleblower who showed the CDC “sanitized” results. Weiler also shows how Andrew Wakefield’s study was retracted after a reporter, not a scientist, alleged impropriety in the study design approval. The CDC whistleblower states this is what the CDC does all the time.

Bias #9. Government Agency Censorship of Informed American Citizens: Weiler and a colleague prepared a joint comment and rebuttal fighting a “weakening for the MMR and MMR-V information sheets.” It finally appeared but altered with key sections redacted.

In summary: Fake Science abounds all around us, and no one understands this better than a Lyme/MSIDS patient.  

Welcome to our world.

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