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Psychosis: Serous Side Effect of COVID Shot

Re-analysis of mRNA vaccine data suggests one serious side effect is Psychosis.  Many people who took the jab may be suffering from ‘delusion of benefit’ says cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Overwhelming evidence to be presented in court that jab is ‘not safe & NOT effective.’
“In my whole career in medicine, Neil, with all the academic work I’ve done looking at all different areas of medicine, specifically also related to cardiovascular disease, I have never seen such high, overwhelming quality of evidence of harm of any drug and such poor efficacy,” ~ Dr. Aseem Malhotra
 2022 May; 71: 103129.
Published online 2022 Apr 13. doi: 10.1016/j.ajp.2022.103129
PMCID: PMC9006421
PMID: 35447503

Psychiatric adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines: A rapid review of published case reports


We aimed to review the available reports of psychiatric adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. Electronic databases such as PubMed and Google scholar were combed to identify relevant reports. We found a total of 11 reports describing 14 cases of psychiatric reactions; these were mostly altered mental states, psychosis, mania, depression, and functional neurological disorder. The index case was commonly a young or middle-aged adult. All reports pertained to the use of either mRNA or vector-based vaccines. Symptom onset was within 10 days of vaccination in all cases; as such, this seems to be a high-risk period warranting vigilance.

  • One month after getting the mRNA-based COVID injection and then worsening three weeks later after getting the 2nd dose, a 31 year old man without a past medical or psychiatric history was brought to the ER because of erratic and bizarre behavior.  He was anxious, guarded, superficial and grandiose, reported becoming ‘clairvoyant’, being able to talk to dead people, hearing ‘people drumming outside his house’ and the constant voice of a co-worker whom he believed to be a lover (but was not).
  • Patient after 2nd dose of COVID injection immediately developed anxiety, nonspecific fear, and insomnia as the prodromal phase of psychosis. Starting the second week, patient manifested delusions of persecution, delusions of influence, thoughts insertion, and delusional behavior, culminating in a suicide attempt.  Psychosis lasted 8 weeks and symptom reduction was observed only after the graduate administration of antipsychotics over four weeks.
  • 12 other case reports of psychosis after COVID shots.
  • Doctor censured for suggesting “vaccine” psychosis led husband to murder wife.

Post-COVID psychosis occurs in people with no prior history. The risk is low but episodes are frightening

By Sarah Hellewell, Research Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin University

Far from the respiratory disease it seemed at first, COVID can impact almost all parts of the body, including the brain. For a small number of people, COVID infection may be accompanied by an episode of post-COVID psychosis, a break from reality which can be frightening for the patient and their loved ones.

Psychosis is a condition characterised by confused thoughts, delusions and hallucinations. People with psychosis can struggle to tell what’s real from what isn’t. Psychosis occurs in “episodes” which may last for days or weeks. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, reports of post-COVID psychosis have come from all over the world.

Post-COVID psychosis is different to psychosis seen in other brain illnesses and diseases. So-called “first episode psychosis” is usually seen in teens or young adults in the development of schizophrenia, or alongside dementia in elderly people.

But people experiencing post-COVID psychosis are typically in their 30s, 40s and 50s, and are experiencing psychosis for the first time. They usually do not have any family history of psychosis. People with post-COVID psychosis also frequently have insight into the way they are feeling. They can recognise this is not normal for them, and something has changed in the way they are thinking.  (See link for article)



According to the article there were reports of post-viral psychosis during the Spanish flu as well as after the coronaviruses SARS and MERS.

This topic interests me as I experienced psychosis first-hand.  What a wild ride that was.  The event occurred while taking disulfiram/Antabuse, a new treatment at the time for Lyme disease and potentially Babesia.  If you are interested in that story, go here:

I attempt to highlight everything I can about the incident due to worries about single patients trying this treatment.  If you are single and live alone, you need to be checked on daily.  The psychosis can come on fast and you don’t know you are going nuts.  And you do go nuts.

Which brings me to Dr. Malhotra’s suggestion of ‘delusion of benefit’ theory.  I’m truly not trying to be divisive or mean here.  What I am attempting to do is point out that a perfect scenario was created in the past three years that could affect people’s reasoning ability: 

  1. Many had their faces covered for extended periods of time with oxygen depriving, CO2, and bacteria promoting toxic masks that science continues to show do nothing beneficial.
  2. Graphene, which is a toxic carcinogen, has been found in masks, PCR swabs, and the gene therapy injections. Symptoms caused by graphene are similar to COVID symptoms, further mudding the water of what a COVID case truly is since testing is fraudulently worthless.
  3. Graphene oxide in rats not only down-regulates glutamatergic synapses but changes synaptic function which is crucial to learning and memory. These changes are implicated in several brain diseases from dementia to anxiety disorders.
  4. Typically, these same people were then injected a graphene laced gene therapy with a known psychosis side effect that is linked to more reports of adverse reactions and death than any other vaccine in the history of VAERS.
  5. Multiple contaminants including metals have been found in the gene therapy.
  6. The gene therapy utilizes modified RNA (modRNA) forcing healthy cells to produce a toxic viral spike protein that disrupts cell metabolism, increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier, goes systemically into the body interfering with DNA repair, and is designed to persist – possibly forever.
  7. Another injection side-effect is blood clotting which will slow blood flow to the brain. One doctor found microclotting in over 60% of his vaxxed patients.
  8. Paxlovid, an “approved” yet ineffective treatment for COVID also can cause blood clotting.
  9. While authorities blame ‘climate change,’ these same authorities are spraying the air, and testing has confirmed graphene is in our precipitation along with a long list of toxins including aluminum particles, a known neurotoxin, which are found virtually everywhere from our food and body products to vaccines to cookware, which accumulate in the brain and are linked with Alzheimer’s, MS, asthma, autism, and autoimmune psychosis.
What a brilliantly orchestrated, or highly coincidental plan to affect the public’s ability to think and reason.
Food for thought.
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