The following English translation of the story is done through an automated process known as neural translations.  Original article here. Although a year old it serves as a poignant reminder of the reality in Lymeland:

24 yo woman, 2 months “locked” in psychiatric ward against her will and without psychiatric diagnosis

In cases like this it seems that where they should take better care of us, they cover for each other at the expense of the freedom of a defenseless person.

Rocío Muñoz, Carla’s mother, tells Europa Hoy a story that will not leave you unmoved. A young girl, 24 years old, held against her will in the HUBU, specifically in the psychiatric ward of the University Hospital of Burgos (HUBU), now two months since June 10 and under psychiatric treatment when in reality she has a physical illness and no mental disorder as confirmed again and again from the HUBU to the family.

At the moment, Rocío tells us, Carla is under psychiatric medication for no logical reason. “The real diagnosis is advanced Lyme disease, transmitted by the bite of a tick, according to diagnostic tests carried out by doctors outside the hospital.

The symptoms of this disease are very varied: from digestive, vascular, neurological, endocrine to fibromyalgia-like symptoms, as well as a drop in the immune system. The type of test necessary to detect this disease is not carried out by the Social Security because of its high rate of false negatives, and therefore it is necessary to go to external laboratories where tests such as elispot, phagos test, Galaxy nanotrap antigen test and Paldispot, among others, are carried out.  (See link for article)



  • Patient’s symptoms were: weight loss, muscle and joint pain, vascular ulcers, oedema in lower limbs, livedo reticularis, vertebral fractures, narrowing of mesenteric artery, and recurrent infections due to immunosuppression.
  • Unable to find a reason for these ailments her IV’s for treatment were removed and the doctors transferred her to the psych ward where she is isolated, prevented from having a cell phone and receiving visits
  • She has been given unnecessary treatment causing side-effects with possible irreversible damage.
  • She is not allowed to participate in the medical decision-making process and has no human rights.

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I guarantee you that if the U.S. moves forward and hands the WHO the power it desires, there will be much, much more of this tyranny.  It’s important to dismantle the monopoly on medicine as well as science before they become runaway trains.  Many had a small taste of this tyranny during the past three years with COVID if they were unfortunate enough to need hospital care.  These patients, due to kickbacks to hospitals from the government for following dangerously ineffective measures, that nurses called “brutal,” and had zero rights and were held hostage through medical kidnapping. In short, hospitals became government prostitutes.

We saw an unprecedented need for legal interaction in the medical system to get appropriate treatment and care.
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