PCR Proven An Unmitigated Disaster: Italy Reduces its COVID-19 Death Number by 97%. We Tried to Warn You.

The US is hellbent toward chronic worklosses of historic proportions.

James Lyons Weiler

Nov. 2, 2021

Since March, 2020, I’ve been sounding the alarm on the misuse of PCR test results as a proxy for a diagnosis of COVID-19, the disease caused by a SARS-CoV-2 infection. Based on first principles, it was clear to me then that the false positive rate of PCR conducted at high cycle threshold values would lead to far more false positive than true positive test results, leading to the lockdown that eventually happened.

OSHA is about to drop a rule that requires employees in companies with more than 100 workers to submit to a vaccination, or to tested and to mask in the workplace – and there will undoubtedly be a fourth wave when people start testing en masse.

Now, due to the realization that the “died with = died from” paradigm is dependent on the accuracy of the “with” part – which depends largely on PCR test kits. Given the use of high threshold values for “diagnosis” of COVID-19, the rates of cases and deaths have been grossly exaggerated. The evidence is so overwhelming – and coming in from all sources (except the US CDC) that Italy has revised its estimated number of deaths from COVID-19 from over 390,000 to less than 4,000 – overnight.

This means the US is poised for mayhem and chaos.

Fact checkers criticized IPAK for publishing information on the utterly flawed paradigm – and they were proven wrong.

Now, unless OSHA backs down from requiring vaccination or testing, which of course presumes:

  1. the safety of the vaccine (very much in question)
  2. that only unvaccinated persons can spread COVID-19 in the workplace (absolutely false)
  3. that routine, repeated, widespread asymptomatic testing won’t lead to a flood of chronic false positives (impossible)

The OSHA rule will lead to workloss at companies that follow their directive – and the worklosses will be of historic proportion.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee, MD points out that this is not the first time reliance on PCR test results as a proxy for medical diagnosis has led to disastrous results.

Mark Schiffman of the NCI on PCR HPV testing, which leads to >95% unnecessary colposcopic biopsies on hundreds of thousands of healthy women each year.  Lee pointed out (personal communication) this passage from Schiffman and colleague:

Most HPV infections are benign, and over-reacting clinically to HPV positivity can cause psychological and possible iatrogenic physical (e.g., obstetrical) harm. We describe the built-in false positives in current tests, and the real harm that can result when the meaning of such false positive HPV tests is misunderstood. We suggest steps that could reduce harm being done by flawed tests and excessive clinical responses to positive HPV testing.

We’re already poised for hyperinflation due to the harmful effects of the repeated stimulus payments based on printed money. When the economic shit hits the fan due to worklosses across the companies, well, I tried. Again, I’ve been at this since March, 2020, and others quickly followed suit. It is with no pleasure that I report to the skeptics: We tried to warn you.

I cannot convey the urgency with which we all must act to stop the OSHA rule from dropping. CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW.



I don’t need to tell Lyme/MSIDS patients that testing has worked in the reverse for tick-borne illness.  While false-positives are extremely high for COVID and HPV, testing for Lyme and coinfections is nearly always negative, an injustice that’s been going on for over 40 years and shows no sign of changing.  Further, the CDC has actively suppressed more accurate testing, and one researcher is suing it for using its regulatory power to block widespread application of a highly reliable direct DNA test and for channeling public funds to promote its own patented, but immature indirect metabolomics technology for Lyme disease diagnosis, a technology known to be prone to false positives.

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