For those of you reading my posts I’ve thought of a few other things for practitioners and patients to be aware of.

  1. The Purell Sanitizer, located in each and every hospital room was a trigger for psychosis.  Hand sanitizers are up to 60% alcohol – a no, no for those using Disulfiram/Antabuse. I could smell the nurses a mile away. I also learned from a nurse that Purell is killing nurses due to liver toxicity. upon an average of 30 hand rubbings per healthcare professional per day, it can be assumed that a healthcare worker may be exposed to a maximum 5,500 mg/m3 per work shift, five times above the recommended occupational time weighted average limit. Thus, in order to answer the question posed in the title, studies on spatial and temporal variability of alcohol emission from ABHRs in real world situations and studies on certain high risk individuals are needed.”
    According to the FDA says hand sanitizers are contributing to superbugs such as MRSA. Also, Triclosan degrades to dioxins in the body which are also toxic. A 2014 study  found that triclosans spurred the growth of breast cancer cells, and another study found they can kill brain cells. Other studies have found it interferes with hormones.  This entire issue was ameliorated by having a sign placed outside my room so those coming in would either use soap and water or gloves when entering.
  2. Certain flowers also set me off.  I’m afraid I can’t tell you which ones but if anyone else suffers from a toxic reaction to disulfiram, keep all plants out of the room.

When I say “set me off,” these items would cause me to have a psychotic episode – even when I was nearly being discharged. All it took was a flower delivery person who had used Purell and I about had to stay longer in the hospital.

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