RNA-Based Vaccine Technology: The Trojan Horse Did Not Contain mRNA

It Contains modRNA That Genetically Manipulates Healthy Cells
Apr 21 2023

A few years ago, the term “mRNA” was primarily confined to scientific circles and research papers. Then, the use of messenger RNA seemed promising: It would teach cells to create a protein that would initiate an immune response against a specific pathogen.

Today, many more of us have heard of mRNA, as both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines use messenger ribonucleic acid, or mRNA, as the active ingredient. At least, that’s what we’ve been told.

In fact, RNA-based vaccine technology utilizes modified RNA (“modRNA”), not mRNA. This applies to the COVID-19 vaccines and all vaccines currently in the research and development stages. Because mRNA is so fragile that the human immune system will destroy it within a few minutes, mRNA cannot be effective on its own. Therefore, the current technology was made possible only after stabilizing mRNA; the result is modified RNA.

Furthermore, modified RNA-based “vaccines” are not vaccines but gene-based injections that force healthy cells to produce a viral protein. In this article, we will look at the uses and dangers of modRNA.

Natural Infection and Conventional Vaccination

When you are infected naturally by a virus or have received a conventional vaccine, your immune system identifies virus-specific antigens from active or inactivated virus particles, respectively.

The two main types of immune cells, T and B cells, behave differently. T cells identify infected cells and initiate apoptosis (the cell-killing process), while B cells produce antibodies that bind to the virus and thus prevent infection of other cells.

There are various “proteins”—called antigens—on the surface of each virus. Your immune system can memorize more than one of them. When the virus mutates and some proteins change, your immune system can still recognize and kill them. This is referred to as cross-immunity.  (See link for article)



  • modified RNA (modRNA) is packaged in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), to protect against destruction by the immune system and which, due to their nano size can easily overcome biological barriers and cross the blood, brain, barrier.
  • the spike protein is the antigen which is a target for the generation of neutralizing antibodies as well as non-neutralizing antibodies which can lead to antibody-dependent enhancemen (ADE), weakening the immune system and making it more susceptible to illness.  This spike protein also transforms the recipient cell from friend to foe causing autoimmunity.
  • the COVID shots only deliver genetic info for the Wuhan sequence and will be worthless against variants/mutations.
  • natural immunity will ALWAYS be more effective.
  • modRNAs are different from mRNA which is short lived. ModRNAs are developed for longevity and maximal efficiency, so they will disrupt and block the machinery of cell metabolism due to three problems:
    • It can increase errors while making spike proteins
    • Active ingredients vary greatly by different batches
    • modRNA may be incorporated into the human genome as shown by two studies
  • both Pfizer and Moderna RNA-based “vaccines” contain DNA impurities in addition to modRNA.  Nearly one-quarter of the nucleic acids in analyzed vials are DNA impurities while modRNA represents the remaining three-quarters
  • DNA concentration is several orders of magnitude over the EMA limit and implies that billions or DNA molecules are transferred with each injection which increases the risk of developing multi-resistant germs, aberrant gene expression, and synthesis of imperfect spike proteins.

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