Reanalysis of mRNA Trial Data

Dr. John Campbell

Dec. 31, 2022

  • “Rotavirus vaccine Rotashield, (1999), 1 to 2 serious events per 10,000 vaccinees, Vaccine withdrawn
  • Covid mRNA vaccines, 1 serious event per 800 vaccinees, Vaccine officially promoted

Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults…

Free full text available…

Why We Question the Safety Profile of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines  substack article by Robert M Kaplan and Sander Greenland written all the way back in Sept.  Excerpt:

COVID-19 vaccines are now among the most widely disseminated medicines in the history of the world. They have cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, rivaling the annual US federal expenditure on biomedical research.  There is no legitimate reason why scientists and the public should not have access to the evidence that justified that purchase. Yet evidence is being withheld, which adds uncertainty to our conclusions and leaves lingering questions about the scientific foundation for COVID-19 vaccine promotion.  Public posting of raw data is a reasonable response: “Open data” is becoming the norm in science and is now required by many leading journals.   The time has come for the FDA and EMA to reopen their investigations, and for Pfizer, Moderna and all vaccine manufacturers to provide the data that will allow scientists and physicians to address outstanding concerns.

Go to top link to see more text from John Campbell’s YT Video.

Despite this horrific finding, articles like this one from Wired would make you think these ineffective, toxic, dangerous injections are the next best thing since sliced bread.  Notice the emphasis the article places on “stimulating the immune system.”  These injections stimulate the immune system alright.

They stimulate them to the point that there is inflammation in every single organ and tissue in the human body.
The clot-shot madness continues….

According to “fact checkers” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently had a slip of the tongue with quite a hum-dinger when discussing the COVID shot on the elderly and children.  He said:

“If it’s going to be used it’s better to focus on those groups, who have risk of severe disease and death rather than as we see some countries are using to give boosters to kill children which is not right.”

Come again?

Besides the frightening implications of the last part of the statement, it also reveals something many have been shouting about from the very beginning: children, rarely, if ever suffer severe complications from COVID and shouldn’t be a part of this grand experiment.  But facts simply don’t matter in the crazy world of COVID.

Another issue completely denied earlier in the ‘pandemic’ is natural immunity It’s important to remember  WHO changed the definition of natural immunity from being achieved by allowing a virus to spread through a population to insisting it only comes from ‘vaccines.’ This change rewrites hundreds of years of scientific understanding.

Fauci continues to push the shots despite personally being fully “vaccinated,” contracting COVID, taking the expensive, worthless and toxic drug Paxlovid, and then getting COVID again.

Could it be any more clear that everything being offered by corrupt public health authorities and mainstream medicine is a complete and utter sham?

But even worse, Fauci has insisted everyone, despite risk, previous health condition, or recovery from infection get a needle in the arm. On his watch, heroic doctors and nurses who recovered from COVID they contracted while caring for patients, were fired.  Their superior immunity made them the perfect choice to care for the oldest and frailest patients – but they were given the boot instead.  Many others were fired or were forced to quit their jobs.  The devastation is incalculable.

But ‘the powers that be’ are beginning to realize if they don’t walk it back a bit, they will be tarred and feathered.

Even China, under strict lockdowns for 3 years, finally opened up.

Dr. Campbell explains it all in this 17 Min video:


Jan. 3, 2023

But this reopening is not without problems:

  1. The Chinese are very confused about the sudden, seemingly arbitrary changes.
  2. Highly “vaccinated” they are sitting ducks for infection.  Sadly, they chose incomplete “vaccination” over natural immunity.
  3. There are 4 variants at play now in China.
  4. The true story is hard to even assess because Chinese officials recently changed the definition of a COVID death, which excludes all but those who die from respiratory failure and pneumonia directly associated with a COVID infection, a calculation method unseen elsewhere in the world.
  5. Almost half of the passengers on two flights from China that landed in Milan were found to be infected with the Wuhan virus.
  6. Go here to listen to Dr. Prasad explain that unfortunately for the U.S., the Biden administration isn’t enforcing it’s negative test before entering our borders until Jan. 5, “So, come in while the coming is good!”
    1. Prasad then reads a statement from CDC director Walensky that somehow pre-departure testing and a negative test result when flying from China to the U.S. will ‘slow the spread.’  He reminds the viewer that all of the border closings, testing requirements, and “stupid rules” stopped ZERO variants from spreading across the globe.

“She’s just making things up.  She’s good at making things up. She made up the fact that there’s credible data that we should mask kids between 2 and 5 even though UNICEF and the WHO said not to do that. She made that up.  She makes up lots of things, because she doesn’t actually use science to guide decision making, she just likes to make things up.” ~ Dr. Vinay Prasad  

Prasad then explains that one of the two tests that’s allowed in this new order is a rapid antigen test, which is notorious for high rates of false negatives, which simply means you can be sick and spread COVID but test negative.

Once again Walensky’s policy is nonsensical, based on politics, and won’t help at all.  It will only inconvenience people.  Further, with a budget of billions of dollars, Prasad reminds us that during the pandemic, neither Fauci nor Walensky have done ONE randomized control study to guide their decision making. 

Is China deliberately sending infected people to other countries?

You gotta wonder….

Recently, CNN medical analyst Leana Wen did an abrupt about-face about natural immunity.  This is the woman who previously stated, “we can’t trust the unvaccinated,” and “we need to start looking at the choice to remain unvaccinated the same as we look at driving while intoxicated. … you have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can’t go out in public.” Wen was an ardent supporter of all things Covidan including “vaccine” mandates, lockdowns, and face masks, despite admitting that they have stunted her toddler’s social development.  She now admits that natural immunity is optimal and that those who are vaccinated but had not previously caught COVID-19 are more susceptible to infection.  

Both Tedros and Wen would have been censored , persecuted, and banned for stating these things a year ago when it could have made a difference.

‘The powers that be’ are frantically backpedaling & asking for amnesty now that the truth is irrefutably steamrollering out.

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