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03/01/22 – 12:00 pm

TN – House Health Subcommittee Hearing

The Tennessee sub-committee on Health are hearing bills about natural immunity, ivermectin, patients rights, and doctor-pharmacists rights to prescribe and fill.

Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Urso, and Dr. John Littell will be giving testimony to the bills.  Go to top link for videos.  (Only Cole and Urso speak in this particular video)

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The first video doesn’t start until 7:45, and the actual speakers don’t begin until 41:00. Each speaker has 3 minutes.  This is imperative information to know and educate other on.  Please listen!

  • Dr. Ryan Cole starts first with natural immunity. If you had COVID, you are recovered.  No vaccine needed.  There is no emergency any more.  We need to lift all mandates immediately.
  • Dr. Richard Urso then speaks at 45:00.  COVID “vaccine” manufacturers went out of their way to omit those with natural immunity.  The reason: those who have recovered from COVID are at risk for a hyperimmune response after “vaccination,” and some WILL DIE.  Big Pharma didn’t want that fact to be exposed so they eliminated the potential entirely.
    • Research from Israel show the double “vaxxed” are 27 times more likely to get reinfected with COVID
    • data from other countries show that the triple “vaxxed” are more likely to DIE
    • CDC data shows:
      • cases and hospitalizations increased 1,000% in the “vaxxed” following Omicron
      • Cases skyrocketed 2,400% in the boosted
      • Hospitalizations also increased in the “vaxxed” from 1.4 per 100,000 to 35.2 per 100,000
      • COVID deaths also increased in the “vaxxed”
      • While there was also a jump in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the unvaccinated, the increase wasn’t as significant compared to the “vaxxed”
    • natural immunity is long, broad, and durable – 18 years later, those with SARS-Cov1 still had immunity.  Immunity is likely life-long
    • The “vaccinated” are producing more spike protein than those with natural immunity
    • A UK study on high risk children age 10-14 showed they were 52 times more likely to die if “vaccinated”, compared to infection from COVID
  • There is an excellent question and answer section where many issues are discussed and cleared up

For those who are still pro-COVID injections, and believe they somehow help at all, the most clarifying discussion happens at 1:12:08 when a representative, who is also a doctor, asks specifically about the “effectiveness” of the COVID injections, and the fact he has a problem entertaining the idea that they weren’t helpful at all.  The responses:

  • Dr. Cole states that whatever small benefit (0.345%) the injections had early on during the middle of an epidemic with a fast-moving virus is completely diminished by the fact natural immunity and early treatments, that are far more effective than “vaccines”, were completely neglected and suppressed
  • The VAERS data base shows that death and adverse reactions are the highest for COVID shots than for any other vaccine in the history of VAERS
  • Experimental models are showing COVID mRNA injections go into liver cells and reverse transcription is occurring
  • Adverse reactions appear to be dose related.  In other words, the more jabs, the more reactions
  • While we can all optimize our health and immune systems, once you get the injection, it appears it becomes a part of your genome and is with you forever
  • COVID injections are gene therapies.
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