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Another Two Boys Died in Their Sleep Days After Receiving Second COVID-19 Vaccine

Just days after getting their second COVID-19 vaccine, two teenage boys died in their sleep. Medical experts have been investigating what happened and have now released their report. An epidemiologist says it adds to a body of evidence that confirms Pfizer’s vaccine can lead to death in children.
This sad news after the CDC admits 50% of the population has had COVID.  This percentage increases to 75% in children and adolescents, making anyone with a functioning brain question the need for a gene therapy injection for children that doesn’t stop infection or transmission, is filled with frighteningly toxic ingredients, and hasn’t shown any measurable impact upon mortality.

FDA Approves Remesivir For Babies

Despite the fact COVID poses little risk to children as well as a FOIA request showing the CDC can not provide a single confirmed COVID death in a child younger than 16, the FDA just approved toxic remdesivir for patients as young as 28 days and weighing 7 pounds.

Please see this powerful FLCCC graphic of remdesivir vs ivermectin.

Gilead, the manufacturer of remdsivir, announced by press release, (which appears to be the way science is now done in the ‘new normal) that there was clinical improvement at day 10. The study conveniently has no control group, making it impossible to compare effectiveness against standard of care and only included 53 children – three of whom died.  Adverse events were reported in 72% of the children, with 21% experiencing serious adverse events.
Possible adverse events:

  • elevated levels of liver enzymes
  • allergic reactions
  • fever
  • shortness of breath
  • rash
  • nausea
  • sweating
  • shivering

The drug is marketed under the name Veklury, but the clincher is that similarly to the COVID injections which are in a current clinical study with those receiving the injections being test subjects, a clinical study on infants using Veklury is also underway and also will not be completed until 2023.

This article goes through 5 studies the FDA uses to support remdesivir.  All of them show little if any benefit to hospitalized patients with moderate or severe disease.  It’s important to note that none of these studies looked at children or infants and only 8 subjects were under 18 – which means the FDA has ZERO data to support the drug in children.

So why is it approved?

Royalties go to Gilead, but a portion go NIAID, Tony Fauci’s agency and the US Army, which assisted with its development. I originally omitted the fact (appreciate the reminder) that Ralph Baric, UNC professor and the US’ premier coronavirus scientist, is not only a creator of ACE-2 humanized mice and chimeric SARS coronaviruses, he is also an inventor of Remdesivir and worked with the Moderna COVID vaccine beginning in December 2019 through NIAID, even before anyone knew there would be a pandemic.

Nearly everyone who is hospitalized in the US with COVID receives Remdesivir, because:

  1. hospitals get a financial bonus from the government for using it

  2. it is the top treatment recommended by the NIH Guidelines

    1. The Guidelines were created by a group that originally had 16 members with current or past financial ties to Gilead. The members of the guidelines group were handpicked by the 3 co-chairs. Clifford Lane, one of the co-chairs, is a Fauci deputy.  Source

This article states that nine on the panel of 65 have disclosed financial conflicts with Gilead.

Evidently some nurses refer to remdesivir as “Run, death is near.”

If you are new to the toxic world of remdesivir, that even the WHO admits is ineffective for COVID, please read the following articles:

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