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An INDEPENDENT Doctor Could Save Your Life, Says Dr. Singleton

Finding an independent physician not beholden to a major hospital or corporation could end up saving your life, Dr. Marilyn Singleton tells The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter.

Dr. Singleton, a lawyer who served as president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), noted that healthcare is increasingly being centralized, thanks in part to government policy. This severely impacts the ability of doctors to treat patients as they think best, and the freedom of patients to find doctors who will respect them and do the right thing.

However, in this interview, Dr. Singleton tells Americans how they can search for an independent doctor, and she gives doctors ideas about how to remain independent by cutting ties with government.



Nobody understands this phenomenon better than Lyme/MSIDS patients who have to hunt for independent doctors who will dare treat them, as the standard CDC treatment is woefully inadequate and ineffective for anything but acute cases – and even then, sometimes doesn’t work for various reasons.

Now with the COVID debacle, it’s also true that there is a great need to find an independent doctor willing to treat you with cheap, effective COVID treatments that have been proven to work but are highly censored and denied by our corrupt public health ‘authorities’, mainstream medicine, and media as they are all trapped in the government’s corrupt paradigm.

There is a wide-spread concerted effort to monopolize medicine (and everything else).  When government centralizes everything – they remove your choices as a patient and consumer.  This is costing people their lives – and has been an issue for decades with Lyme/MSIDS patients.  Never forget that the AMA (founded by quacks who weren’t even doctors) was found guilty of conspiring against the chiropractic profession to destroy it.  Decades later, it still isn’t over, and it, along with the corrupt FDA and other governmental agencies continues to try to monopolize medicine.

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