Kentucky has the fastest growing lyme disease outbreak in the US, insurance data suggests – while disease is also surging in West Virginia, Ohio and Nebraska, as experts warn more forest cover is allowing diseased ticks to advance south

  • Insurance claims data showed Kentucky, West Virginia, Idaho, Ohio and Nebraska had the biggest upticks
  • But New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts had the largest outbreaks in the country, data showed
  • Experts said that ticks were expanding their range thanks to growing forest cover and deer populations
  • But surging awareness of the disease thanks to high-profile cases such as Shania Twain may also be behind some of the uptick in insurance claims
  • FAIR Health – which has one of the largest databases in the country – collected the data

Kentucky has the fastest growing Lyme disease outbreak in America, insurance claims data suggests — as experts warn global warming is allowing more aggressive northern ticks to advance into southern and midwestern states. 

Statistics showed Kentucky was recording 10 claims per 100,000 people in 2021, up from just five in 2016 — a doubling in five years. West Virginia, Idaho, Ohio and Nebraska each also saw claims surge more than 60 percent over the same period.

Experts warn that higher seasonal temperatures have opened up new habitats for ticks in more mountainous areas, which may be fueling the rise in cases.  (See link for article)



For anyone paying attention at all to the events of  the past two years, it’s become obvious that things are often not what they seem.  Public health officials have lied repeatedly due to severe conflicts of interest, and science has been hijacked to the highest bidder.  The corruption in an unholy alliance between government, Big Pharma, mainstream media, research institutions and scientific journals has finally been exposed for what it truly is.

When you understand this simple albeit painful truth, it also then becomes obvious that science has been completely politicized and can not be trusted at face value. This is clearly seen in the area of “global warming,” and is a rouse to obtain access to huge government funding and unbridled power to monopolize and control by imposing ludicrous, ineffective regulations that are unobtainable and will destroy entire economies.  While there are definitely environmental concerns, “global warming” is being used to divert attention away from climate engineeringwhich is very real.

There’s a similar thing happening in Lymeland.  Like an experienced magician using slight of hand, we are told repeatedly in a mantra that ticks are migrating and transmitting disease due to a warming climate.  This has been proven to be false by independent researchers who do not have to cow-tow to the political message to obtain highly sought after government research grants.  The spin-masters want our attention on the climate rather than on the fact our own government is behind tick and disease proliferation.  This is pointed out in Kris Newby’s book “Bitten,” as well as through interviews with people who have studied this for decades. Bioweaponization of things found in nature is not new, and the government will do anything to cover this up – including lie using propaganda techniques.  They then come after others who disagree with anything they say and accuse them of the very things they do themselves.

Don’t be fooled by the accepted narrative no matter how many times it is repeated.
Question everything and do your own homework.  Make sure you are getting information from multiple sources – particularly ones that disagree.

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