Courtesy: Microbiologist Tom Grier

Yes, you are reading this correctly – the boneheads at Yale state that you shouldn’t get treatment even if you have the EM rash (which is indicative of Lyme disease), and test positive on tests, and that you should just wait around on your laurels to get worse.

There are still far too many noodle-headed doctors still following this antiquated and unscientific advice.
Please remember, some of the sickest patients NEVER test positive on tests which look for antibodies.

And while the EM rash is indicative of Lyme, many, many never get it. No one I work with gets the rash. The graph from Lyme Disease Organization shows those getting the rash range from 27-80% – hardly a sure thing. https://www.lymedisease.org/lymepolicywonk-how-many-of-those-with-lyme-disease-have-the-rash-estimates-range-from-27-80-2/

Don’t trust mainstream medicine with tick-borne illness. Get to an ILADS trained health professional.