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Brian Wilson reveals how U.S. biological warfare programs led to the proliferation of disease carrying ticks, causing a health crisis of epic proportions.

Much of the research presented in this investigative report can be found in Kris Newby’s acclaimed book: “Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons.”

The ‘Swiss Agent’ article:

To listen to an interview with Charles Piller on the ‘Swiss Agent’:

Important to note: US laboratories don’t test for the Swiss Agent.

**Correction** Wilson called Rickettsia a virus – when it’s a bacteria that is often pleomorphic (shape-shifts). Rickettsia helvetica or the ‘Swiss Agent’ is in the spotted fever family along with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  That’s not to say viruses aren’t involved, just that Rickettsia is a bacteria:

Interestingly, Dr. Steere, first on the Lyme, Connecticut scene initially thought the cause of the juvenile arthritis was viral.

“A virus is the most likely candidate,” Dr. Steere said. “Just because we haven’t found one yet doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We’ll keep looking.” Dr. Allen Steere

An ironic quote for sure considering the fact this man has denied the possibility of chronic/persistent Lyme disease, yet when it was his work in question he was willing to entertain something he couldn’t find or see.

Please note another important quote in the same article by Steere:

Mycoplasmas, another type of microbe, do cause arthritis in some animals, but the available tests for them have proved negative.”

The only person seriously doing work on Mycoplasma is Dr. Garth Nicolson who states 80% of those with Lyme also have Mycoplasma:  He uncovered a particularly lethal, bioweaponized form of Mycoplasma. Mainstream medicine doesn’t bat an eye at this.

Also important: when I spoke with Dr. Hoffman (deceased), probably the most experienced Lyme doctor in Wisconsin, he told me that as a medical resident in Illinois he treated patients with something he called a “rickettsial-like” illness before it was given the label of Lyme disease.

This video points out the importance of coinfections and the fact that this is often a polymicrobial illness – of which little research has been done:  This recent study gave a 85% probability that a randomly selected TBD (tick borne disease) patient will respond to Borrelia and other related TBD microbes rather than to Borrelia alone.

We never hear about the polymicrobial issue in mainstream research.  They avoid it with a 10-foot pole. If one adds in flawed testing based on antibodies, coinfection involvement (mycoplasma and others), pleomorphism/persisters, as well as the bioweaponization aspect, you begin to  understand that the very definition of “designed” microbes means they are difficult to detect as well as treat.

Until these issues are acknowledged and resolved, many people will remain ill.

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