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Jan. 14, 2022

Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA technology explains how 10’s of thousands of physicians, scientists, and professionals are being canceled simply for questioning the official narrative.  They are taking doctor licenses away. Everything being done is illegal and goes against the Nuremberg code and the Belmont Report.

Malone states the emergency use authorizations (EUA) are two years old and are expiring and need to be re-implemented, therefore there is a perverse incentive for our government to amplify the fear porn to keep the basis for the EUA alive.  If a state of emergency does not continue, EUAs vanish like dust into the wind.

A perfect example is the Omicron death that wasn’t.  Mainstream media widely reported the death as a “reinfection” of an unvaccinated man who previously had COVID. The problem is the man didn’t die from COVID. He died testing positive for the Omicron variant.  He also had comorbidities. This singular case was blown all out of proportion and used to keep EUA alive.  Don’t fall for it, and expect more of it.

If you want truth:

In case you are unaware:

  • China is separating family members, dragging folks from their homes, cramming them into buses & locking them up in metal boxes every time a new variant appears.  Kids locked up alone, apart from their parents.
  • France just passed a law that excludes the unvaccinated from public places.  Certificates of “vaccination” are required to go anywhere. 
  • Italy mandated the jab for those over 50 and tightened green pass obligations even though the “vaccine” does not protect people from Covid but increases the chances of infection from Omicron and hospitalization.
  • Austria is making the COVID shots mandatory, and continues to redefine what “vaccinated” means.
  • In Greece, the unvaxxed who are over 60 will be fined 100 euros per month.
  • Massive protests occurred in the Netherlands over the government imposed covid-19 restrictions & “vaccination” campaign. A January protest made world headlines when the police allowed (or ordered?) their dogs to launch brutal attacks against the protesters.  In the midst of this upheaval, a young man named Gideon van Meijeren recently elected to the Dutch Parliament soundly confronts the Prime Minister.

Science, on the other hand, continues to show that natural immunity to a disease that we will never eradicate, is better than the COVID shots which are causing more adverse reactions and death than any other vaccine in the history of VAERS.  More children have died from the injection than from COVID.

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