BREAKING: Australia’s drug regulator hid vaccine deaths from the public, concerned that ‘disclosure could undermine public confidence’

The hidden deaths include two children, seven and nine years old, who both suffered fatal cardiac arrests which the TGA assessed as causally linked to Covid vaccination

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Dr Melissa McCann reveal that the TGA appears to have hidden numerous vaccine-induced deaths from the public view, including those of two children.

Dr McCann shared the shocking revelation in her address at the Covid Vaccine Conference, hosted by Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party over the weekend in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The event featured leading ICU physician Dr Pierre Kory, cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr Peter McCullough, and McCullough’s collaborator, author John Leake.

Addressing sold out crowds, Dr McCann shared the extraordinary lengths she had to go to to extract causality assessment documents relating to the TGA’s investigation of reported deaths after Covid vaccination, which were obtained under FOI request in a process that took six months. Dr McCann lodged the request after seeing an unexpectedly high number of patients coming through her clinic experiencing adverse events after immunisation (AEFIs). She also noticed a high number of serious AEFI reports in the in the DAEN database, including the reported death of a 14 year old in October 2021.  (See link for article)





Without these FOIA requests we would be completely in the dark.  Government agencies should be transparent and honest in their reporting.  The fact they aren’t should be proof enough they are not ever to be trusted.   I assure you that Australia is far from alone in hiding the maimings and deaths linked to these clot shots.  This is why we should never trust these governmental agencies.  They have long ago forgotten their role as public servants.

The doctor that submitted the FOIA is turning her efforts to a COVID vaccine class action to force some transparency, which is expected to file within the month.

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