UK Team File Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity With The International Criminal Court

A complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK.

In a week where even some of the most compliant of all measures “COVID”, we can observe that people in the UK have perhaps reached a point after 21 months of nonsensical rules where they are saying enough is enough.

Thankfully we have a team from the UK fighting for justice on the behalf of us all, who believe that:

“The seriousness and extent of the crimes committed in the United Kingdom, highlighted by the scope of people that these crimes affect, that these crimes continue to be committed, the wide range of perpetrators, the recurring patterns of criminality and the limited prospects for accountability at the national level, all weigh heavily in favour of an investigation” .

The news of the legal complaint has come at a good time for many (source)(See link for article and to listen to news story)



Having tried working with the local English police and court system, the team represented by Hannah Rose with co-applicants have turned to the ICC with documentation detailing numerous claims which amount to violations of the Nuremberg Code, Crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression in the United Kingdom.

Notable points:

  1. the number of covid-19 cases has been artificially inflated due to the inaccuracy and unreliability of the PCR testing and rebranding flu, pneumonia, and respiratory infections as covid-19.

    1. A FOI request showed between March & June 2020, covid-related deaths in England and Wales with no pre-existing health conditions was 4,476.
    2. Funeral director John O’loony testified that there was a massive effort to deliberately inflate covid death numbers as cancer patients, stroke patients, and even a man run over were all listed as covid deaths.
  2. the number of covid-19 deaths has been artificially inflated due being recorded if an individual died for any reason within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test (that was confirmed with the inaccurate and unreliable PRC tests).
  3. “vaccines” are still in ongoing Phase 3 trials which are not to end until late 2022-early 2023 which means they are experimental and no short and long-term safety data. They also have never been approved for human use. Potential late-onset effects may take years to appear.
  4. Dr Andreas explained graphene hydroxide was found in the injections which act as ‘razor blades’ inside the veins of ‘vaccine’ recipients which will not show up in autopsies due to their size.
  5. Masks are ineffective and even the WHO admits there is no evidence on their usefulness to protect the healthy.
  6. Alternative treatments have been ignored and censored.

The document concludes with a strong request:

WE WANT TO REPEAT: It is of the utmost urgency that ICC take immediate action, taking all of this into account, to stop the rollout of covid vaccinations, introduction of unlawful vaccination passports and all other types of illegal warfare mentioned herein currently being waged against the people of the United Kingdom by way of an IMMEDIATE court injunction”.

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