by Brian Shilhavy, July 25, 2021
Editor, Health Impact News

The CDC quietly announced last week that it was withdrawing its request to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2.

Most of the public is probably unaware that similar to the current COVID-19 injections that are not yet approved by the FDA, but only given Emergency Use Authorization, so too the hundreds of diagnostic tests that supposedly detect COVID-19 are also NOT approved by the FDA, but only authorized via an EUA.

What is the reason the CDC is withdrawing its EUA request for the Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel?

In preparation for this change, CDC recommends clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test.

CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. (Source.)

Caitlin McFall, writing for Fox News, is the only one in the corporate media I could find that even reported this, and the few reports I found in the Alternative media so far have been mostly inaccurate.

McFall reports:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urged labs this week to stock clinics with kits that can test for both the coronavirus and the flu as the “influenza season” draws near.

The CDC said Wednesday it will withdrawal its request for the “Emergency Use Authorization” of real-time diagnostic testing kits, which were used starting in February 2020 to detect signs of the coronavirus, by the end of the year.

“CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives,” the agency said.

The U.S. has reported more than 34.4 million cases of the coronavirus since the pandemic began in 2020 and more than 610,000 deaths.

But while cases of COVID-19 soared nationwide, hospitalizations and deaths caused by influenza dropped.

According to data released by the CDC earlier this month, influenza mortality rates were significantly lower throughout 2020 than previous years.

There were 646 deaths relating to the flu among adults reported in 2020, whereas in 2019 the CDC estimated that between 24,000 and 62,000 people died from influenza-related illnesses.

The CDC urged laboratories to “save both time and resources” by introducing kits that can determine and distinguish a positive test for the coronavirus and flu. (Source.)

So there you have it.

The CDC just basically admitted that many of the COVID-19 cases this past year could not be distinguished from “flu cases.” No wonder flu cases decreased to zero in so many places. See:
Health Officials Admit that Only Those Vaccinated for the Flu are Getting the Flu This Year

The ending of the EUA for the Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel will not happen until the end of the year, December 31, 2021, and the CDC recommends that laboratories start transitioning to other types of COVID-19 diagnostic tests that have been given an EUA by the FDA here.

At the time of publication of this article, the FDA has issued 251 EUAs for COVID-19 diagnostic tests since April 1, 2020. The vast majority of them are for the RT-PCR tests, including about 20 that were just issued EUAs since the beginning of this month, July, 2021.

The cash cow for these tests and the hundreds of companies that got rich selling them will now have to move on to the next phase to be able to cash in.

Diagnostic Testing Fraud: Controlling the Masses and Medical Kidnapping

We have been covering the corruption in the medical diagnostic testing field for the better part of a decade now, and we exposed it early on in the COVID-19 Plandemic last year as well.

Here are some of our previous articles from last year exposing the fraud of COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

When we started back in 2014, we learned that fraudulent diagnostic testing was a common way for doctors and hospitals to order children be removed from their homes.

Often they create false drug test positive results to remove children from their parents.

Alabama Lab Owner Arrested for Falsifying Results of Drug Tests Used to Medically Kidnap Children

The worst offender, by far, in medically kidnapping children by use of a medical diagnostic test, is within the field of radiology and finding “proof” of child abuse simply by looking at x-rays.

This whole field has developed a recent new class of pediatricians “certified” as “Child Abuse Pediatricians,” and the lucrative jobs of these doctors depend on them finding abused children and putting them into the lucrative child trafficking network known as “foster care.”

We have actually published an eBook on this topic, or you can look up individual cases on our website to learn how this evil system works.

When it comes to diagnosing “influenza,” we have exposed the fraud there as well, as pre-COVID-19 the CDC simply used estimates of cases of the flu, since they cannot verify actual numbers each year by diagnostic testing.

Annual Flu Deaths Scam Unwittingly Exposed and Replaced by the COVID Deaths Scam

So COVID-19 allowed them to just further exploit the fraud of diagnostic testing to create fear and panic, and achieve their goals of enslaving the public and rolling out their experimental mRNA injections.

With this latest announcement by the CDC that they are now going to retire the RT-PCR Diagnostic tests and replace them with other tests that can now test both COVID and influenza, it is pretty easy to see what their game plan is for later this year.

Just about everyone in the U.S. will be able to be tested “positive” for something by this Fall when the flu season starts.

This will be the “Hegelian principle” implementation for 2021. The government creates the problem, and then they create the solution, which we know now is more “vaccines” for everything in life that ails us, and try to punish those who don’t want to play their game.

I’m ready. Are you?



The CDC often quietly updates its website with inconvenient truth, when it works in their favor.  With COVID, this new information will make it possible for them to now jack the numbers of flu cases since they literally quit counting them making everything COVID.  I’m sure this will also be used to push the flu vaccine, which has never been effective, doesn’t prevent transmission, and actually increases your risk of contracting non-flu respiratory illness by 65%.

But there’s even something more diabolical going on here.

According to Jon Rappoport, the CDC/FDA is essentially confessing that they didn’t have a “virus” to begin with when they concocted the test using contrived samples of the virus. In short, they invented synthetic gene sequences and stated these sequences HAD TO BE close to the sequence of SARS-CoV-2. There is still no proof there is something called SARS-CoV-2. This article shows that the sequence used in PCR testing is present in ALL human DNA which equates C8 as a foreign hostile material and indeed the coronavirus – Covid19 – itself.

Each of the 59 different PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 told different lies and concocted different fabrications about the genetic makeup of the virus—the virus we didn’t have. Obviously, then, these tests would give unreliable results.

BUT, don’t worry, be happy, because NOW, the CDC and the FDA say, they really do have actual virus samples of SARS-CoV-2 from patients; they have better targets for the PCR test, and labs should start gearing up for the new and improved tests.
In other words, they were lying THEN, but they’re not lying NOW. They were “contriving,” but now they’re telling the truth.

Rappoport states virology’s version of “we isolated the virus” to mean they created a soup in the lab containing monkey cells, toxic chemicals, drugs and random genetic material.  Researchers than assume that cells die due to a bit of mucus from a patient they dropped in the soup, therefore the virus must be the killer agent in the mucus – when it very well could be any of the components within the contrived soup.

The “new and improved” tests are nothing more than a money-maker for our corrupt public health ‘authorities’, who own patents on virtually every aspect surrounding COVID, including the spike protein.
They will now continue spinning their narrative utilizing these phoney tests.

Regarding Lyme/MSIDS, the CDC quietly updated their website from previously insisting Lyme can’t be spread congenitally to now admitting it’s possible, but rare.  But, as Lyme advocate Carl Tuttle points out: How can it be rare when nobody’s counting? The timing is impeccable.  Whenever there is a Lyme vaccine in the pipeline, the CDC finally admits how devastating and prolific tick-borne illness is.  I stand firmly with Tuttle that No Lyme vaccine should be considered until persistent infection is recognized.  But this will never happen because if they admit to persistent infection, they are also admitting that a vaccine would be ineffective against it.

The CDC often makes bold proclamations without a shred of evidence.  

For more on the PCR scam:

This completely bogus test has caused irreparable harm.  It’s been used to falsely elevate cases, then used to make the COVID injections appear to be working (by lowering the cycle threshold).  It has been used to make it appear that fully “vaccinated” people aren’t contracting or dying from COVID (called “break-through” cases) when many are, as well as to quarantine people, keep them from working, and causing unsubstantiated fear in the public.

This is not new.  Lyme/MSIDS patients have also been in a war due to faulty, arbitrary testing  that’s been rigged for a pre-determined outcome.